Justice Is Done

1950 [FRENCH]

Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 7 10 252

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vitaleralphlouis 8 / 10

Stretching my memory back 61 years.

When I was 12 years old in Silver Spring, MD; theater-man Paul Roth took over Warner's double feature house the SECO and remodeled it into an art theater, Roth's Silver Spring. The admission price went from 44 cents now up to $1.00 (which was double any nearby admission price. It was a new atmosphere, no popcorn, and they served free coffee in the lounge. This was the first "art" theater in Washington DC's suburbs.

Today in 2011, most moviegoers have to dumb-ourselves-down in order -- as grown-ups -- to see the mindless drivel Hollywood makes to please the 12 year-old's. In 1950, quite regularly the 12 year-old's would reach upward and try to grasp and enjoy movies aimed at adults. Thus it was with the French drama, "Justice is Done." This excellent court drama was my first movie with subtitles. What a start! I've never since then seen a movie with so many subtitles. Talk, talk, talk! Of course with a criminal case in court, lots of talking has to be done. Reading subtitles opens up the mind to many great movies. "Wild Strawberries" (the best movie ever made), "Seven Samurai" others.

Roth's Silver Spring (the Seco) still exists, functioning now as a church. I had my first date with Diane at Roth's; later my last date with Diane at Roth's --- sacred ground I'd say.

Reviewed by Comet-5 9 / 10

An excellent, suspenseful and well-acted film.

I saw this movie many many years ago; but it remained in my mind because of the excellent acting and the suspense. It was a French movie which was about convicted criminals who were awaiting their death. However, in order to make the process more humane, they were not told about the day or time that their execution would take place. At the appointed moment, two guards would rush into the cell grab the convicted criminal by both of his arms and drag the stunned man to the place of execution. The moment when the doors of the cell are flung open with a loud clang and the guards rush in to the overwhelmed prisoner will stay in my mind forever. I would like to hear more about this movie to refresh my mind about the rest of the plot and would appreciate information about it. Thank you.

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