Kadaisi Vivasayi

2021 [TAMIL]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 9 10 2047

Keywords:   farmers exploitation

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 8 / 10

Master Manikandan spreads his Magic again. Sows the seeds of ultimate change in the soil of the system, law & justice and human conscience to cultivate and grow golden grains.

Kadaisi Vivasayi (2022) : Brief Review -

Master Manikandan spreads his Magic again. Sows the seeds of ultimate change in the soil of the system, law & justice and human conscience to cultivate and grow golden grains. M. (for Master I believe) Manikandan's filmography is a blessing to quality cinema lovers, be you any language's viewer, you just can't stop loving his films. Those who know and understand his special kind of cinema can't miss Kadaisi Vivasayi at any cost. You know what to expect from him, and I tell you, please keep expectations high, yet this film will surprise you. Pure Magic it is! I can't say it's fully artistic cinema, but yes, it's a non-glamourous classic! The film is about a poor farmer, but it has a lot of subplots that add to the enrichment. The last active farmer in a remote village tries to hold out against a property developer while he is trapped in a fake case. It's a poke on the system, rather, a slap, but not hard-hitting. It's silently intelligent, intellectual and a little emotional too. I doubt if the masses and some ordinary cinema lovers can understand all the metaphors or not but for the clever ones, this is a heavenly-made product. Those last 20 minutes test your intelligence and knowledge of cinema, and if you are really that clever kind of an audience, then you will definitely understand it and feel proud of yourself. Others, I mean the ones with no mind for quality cinema, can call it a dragged, wasted piece, but let me tell you, it's their loss, not the film's. It has some artistically beautiful moments that have subtle meaning and motive. Just try to understand it and I guarantee you'll be doing a favour for yourself and nobody else. Every character, location and scene in the film looks highly realistic and natural. Manikandan is living 50 years behind from what he deserves. What a high-class vision you have man. I wonder where you get these ideas from. Oh wait, these are from our daily lives. Hands down. A Must See!

RATING - 8/10*

Reviewed by kamalbeeee 10 / 10

World cinema about agriculture..!

A old farmer arrested for peacock killing and meanwhile a police and other youngsters got incharge for his land and cows... Soo They realize its not easy task and bring him to do agriculture.. Good Photography and nice dialogues..!

Must watxh movie..!!

Reviewed by saru2020 10 / 10

rarest lively film, a must watch for all

One of those rarest lively films which take you to the village life making you live a life as a farmer.

This film is almost in-line with merku thodarchi malai, which also makes you live as a farmer and showcases how a farmer's life is destroyed depicting some real-life incidents but thankfully this film ends on a good note.

The outstanding part of this film is that it neatly shows how useless this whole law & order system is and how it acts like an anti-agent for growth, it is laughable that the whole system has turned into a poisonous one haltering the growth potential of this country, it is indeed a shameful fact that because of these useless permanent govt jobs, the people of this country suffer from the broken system.

VS's characterisation was good and does nicely depict a person's life we would see in real life as well but the role of this character does nothing much in the film and almost looks like it was most probably designed to drive people to watch this film.

Overall, by the end of it, it was not like I'd watched a film but more like having lived really as a farmer in that village.

This is one of those films that everybody should watch at least in their lifetime.

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