2019 [TAMIL]

Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 8.4 10 12806

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ndromaster 9 / 10

Lokesh made a better film than Managaram

A drug burst, an injured cop and a Convicted Criminal who wants to meet her Daughter for First time in Life. Karthi is back as seen in Paruthiveeran. A seat edge thriller without masala.

Reviewed by harish-63907 10 / 10

Wow. Wow. Wow

No words... Outstanding job by the director and actor karthi... Lovely to see karthi with a wonderful film after Dev..worth to watch in teatre.. Great story... Please watch it in teatres..

Reviewed by pravinkumar-29983 10 / 10

You won't sit comfortably throughout the movie, means you'll sit on the edge

Karthi is one of the Best and underrated actor in Tamil Cinema. He did different roles in different movies. He did a very good job in this movie too. Camera work is another plus for this movie. Sam CS done a very good work in Background score!. Direction and screenplay are

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