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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by B24 8 / 10

Sounds of History

The male canary is known for its song, a lyrical and happy sound that can end suddenly in a poisonous environment, hence its use in coal mines of the past to detect danger from toxic fumes. Take us then to South Africa in the 1980's, and begin a story told in Afrikaans that is at times bizarre, occasionally jolly but at its heart historically portentous of evil. The main character of the story is a closeted small town boy learning, after his conscription, how to be true to himself while under the control of a military state just a decade shy of its dissolution. To be sure, this is not a political screed. There is only one scene overtly connected to the evil of racism. Yet that evil lies constantly beneath the surface as the narrative peels back one prejudice after another in Afrikaner society, using Johan's own life parable contrasted with frequent biblical references and lines from pop tunes as context. It is a tale of opposites clashing even as they move inexorably closer together into historical destiny. As a student of a broader history, I appreciate small things like one character saying to another. "your grandparents put my grandparents in concentration camps" to the one English-speaking recruit, a reminder of a time a hundred years earlier when South Africa was engaged in a violent civil war. For an audience in the 21st century unfamiliar with South African history, those kinds of comments should send people running to their Wikipedia. So this funny little movie in an oddly strange yet familiar language can be an opening to more than just an afternoon at the local cinema.

Reviewed by dibeyendu 6 / 10

And so it goes

This movie takes us back to the bad old days of the early 80s when being gay filled boys with terror and self loathing. Not very promising as story lines go. What makes it watchable is the setting, which is in a christian choir group in the South African army in the apartheid era. The teenage boys are Bible carrying innocents, constantly bullied by typically horrible army sergeant. They tour the country, bringing solace and cheer to families whose sons are in the army. They're hosted by local families wherever they go, which gives the film a chance to present various facets of South African society. Johan, the main protagonist is redeemed by the music of Culture Club, but he agonises over the fact that Boy George doesn't come out as gay, though his friend Wolfgang assures him he is! Johan and Wolfgang spend nights together but go no further than kissing. And so it goes, on and on.

Reviewed by Artbrute 9 / 10

Do you really want to hurt me?

What an amazing piece of celluloid! The beginning of the film is extraordinary, with the "town freaks" dancing to Jimmy's Sommerville "smalltown boy". The way the director captures the feelings of the time and of the urgency to show the inner self of the main character is truly great. The final scene where he dances is breathtaking - filled with metaphors. When the film was ending I was saying to myself: "no, this cannot end this way" and it didn't. In the end he looks at us, the spectators, and calls his name, so no more needs to be said.

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