Kanavaralli - eli Kuka poisti tapin veneestä?

1981 [SWEDISH]


IMDb Rating 5.8 10 3688

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AndreasClaeson 10 / 10

Extremely well-directed humour from Sweden.

There are not many films from Sweden that you can watch as many times as I have watched Göta Kanal. It's certainly one of the best movies ever produced in this country. The actors delivers extremely well-timed lines and the witty script makes you crumble of laughter! 1 157 846 Swedes saw Göta Kanal in the movies.

Reviewed by tungviktskungen 10 / 10

Great flick, must have been one of the greatest comedies ever.

Hmm. where e should I start. There are so many things i would like to acknowledge. Superb actors: Janne "Loffe" Carlson and Frank Andersson (you know the Swedish wrestler and player). It's about a boat race at the göta kanal (channel of goth). Their is a lot of funny things going on. Like when the fat police, brilliantly played by famous Swedish play leader Peter Harrysson who's most known for it's work in the famous TV-show "that's how it sounds", jumped out of the boat after being bribed by one of the teams. Excellent comedy! I can especially relate to this comedy since I was born in the wharfes in Gothenburg where the final scene takes place. A quick resumé: Some rich sheik from a foreign country wants a big amount of a Swedish Luxuary boat and a race takes place at "Göta kanal" (channel of Goth) between Janne "Loffe" Karlsson (a typical Swedish working kid) and a rich boating industry.

The ending (read this if you don't want to see the movie): Janne "loffe" loses a bit surprisingly (I was devastated) but it turns out that their has been a uprising in the sheiks homeland and the contract for the boats is ripped apart. A funny twist is when Jannie "loffe" gets this big order of rowboats from the Norwegian Navy (srupid Norwegians(!)). Fun times all the way!

Reviewed by tuffast 10 / 10

A great movie. A true comedy "at sea" that also resembles the time when it was shot.

A true Swedish comedy. A must see for everybody though, not just swedes. The comments and the camera-work is just great. Of course one of the boats are also chased by an insane person from the Swedish IRS, this being a movie from Sweden an all. The first time I saw it was with some of my friends, who I also do some sailing with, and I just loved it after just a few minutes. The beginning of the movie may seem quite boring but just bite together and bear through it; The fun will begin shortly. I think this movie may appeal specifically to the same audience as the "Sällskapsresan" movies do, even though this movie has nothing to do with that series. It still keeps up the same typical sense of humor.

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