2020 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by itamarmar 7 / 10

Small scale treat

Wow, kandisha was fun! And I don't mean generic fun, but stylish and somewhat new with its foreign background tale.

Kandisha opens up with a bunch of issues that occupy the headlines of this past decade. Such as racism(associated with classism) and abuse of women(domestic or sexual). The answer to the latter is kandisha. The spirit of foreign temptress who takes revenge on men. Our one white character in the movie is the one to associate with the foreign legendary creature. Well? Flows my mind with thoughts. What is kandisha in this political arena? Maybe the furious cancel culture? All the other participants are classified and emphasized by their title: Arab, black, white, man. Which just heightens for me the the feeling I'm watching their world through the glasses of some political correctness magazine.

But without going too deep into interpreting, i can simply say I watched it without looking away. It was real fun and had a perfect flow.

I mean... you can tell it was low budget. And yet the kills were so artistic and good. Let's not take that for granted. Reminded me of final destination, as I was awaiting the next supernatural crazy death.

The acting stood out for me as well. The little known lead was very impressive as the rough and emotionally menaced Amelie. I wanna see more of her.

It did not have one bad thing about it. It just wasn't big. And maybe that's why some people don't like it. I guess it's true. It would've been much more appreciated as a TV movie. You know, it wasn't the kind you advertise as a blockbuster or a Hollywood epic. It was small scale. And I'm really happy I watched it.

Reviewed by begob 6 / 10


A girl abused by her ex-boyfriend summons an ancient demon to exact revenge, but the revenge gets out of control.

Interesting scenario that begins in the multi-ethnic high-rise community of a French city, with plenty of cultural tropes thrown in, from graffiti artistry to inter-racial banter to a variety of American music. Fast dialogue, so the sub-titles are on full duty during the first act.

Unfortunately, this is horror-by-numbers, with zero psychology, as a creepy curse comes out of the past to affect modern urban dwellers. All been done before to better effect, the model being Candyman, which the movie actually references. The demon has some interesting reveals, particularly when the hoofs come out, but a big set piece is spoiled by poor editing at 1:09, in which the poor actors have to REACT! Without any suspense built into the event.

The only thing that could have stirred it up for me is if the final scene had been fast-forwarded into the middle of the second act - now that would have been interesting: set a demon to catch the original demon.

The production quality is good, but with such uninspired material I got the impression everyone involved lost conviction as the inevitable conclusion approached. You may know how to put a movie together, but a good horror needs some soul.

Overall: Starts out energetic, but ends up flat as a jumper's corpse on a pavement.

Reviewed by mkaloghlian 5 / 10

Director's will never top their other movie Inside

That's the sad part because the made after Inside are just generic or cliched and was hoping they finally learned. The story is just weak and plenty of plot errors or plot holes. Either way still watchable but don't expect much.

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