Katie Says Goodbye



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris_robbo_23 8 / 10

Olivia Cooke is Incredible in this!

This movie is a real life gritty drama. Katie (Olivia Cooke) and her Mother live in poverty and sell their bodies to make ends meet. Katie is saving up to move away from it all to California when she meets a man she falls in love with. Simple story but a very important one, I fear this is every day life for more young women than we realise. It's a movie not without some flaws but powerful and keeps you watching. Olivia Cooke shows us just how strongly talented she Is in this very tricky role. Just recently in my own life I've been faced with moving away to the other end of the world alone and starting life for myself and it's not an easy task. So there were parts to this movie I could relate to. Katie is more decent than the majority of people despite what she does to earn extra money, good morals and kindness, willing to take the blame for things she didn't do. 8/10


Reviewed by daxsir 10 / 10

What a performance but hard to watch

I found it one of the hardest films to watch that I have ever seen. Olivia Cooke as always was sensational. Her performance as the wounded bird doing her best to be nice and upbeat as she gets by in a poverty stricken Arizona town feels so real. With her dead beat mum doing nothing but drag her down it hits so many heart strings. Their drab live in their trailer home was so believable and you begin to care so much for Katie due to the performance of Olivia that when people treat her so badly it becomes more heart breaking as it goes. Yes it is harsh but its real not everyone lives a good life and this show how hard it is to be poor in any country not just the states and the things people do to get by in a broken life. I was an extra on The Limehouse Golem with Olivia so I know how small she is and that added to my discomfort and the urge to want to give her a hug.

Reviewed by Jamie_Seaton 10 / 10


Olivia Cooke gives a knockout performance as a teenager trying to better herself but constant obstacles make it difficult. It's a slow burn film that's quite depressing and hard to watch. Also a few controversial scenes that aren't for the faint of heart.

The film was made in 2016 but looks as if it's just surfaced now... It's definitely one of the better films I've seen in 2019 so far.

It's not a 10/10 film but it's certainly worthy of a higher rating of 6.7...

The performances from everyone in this film are good, especially Cooke and recommend it to anyone who loves great cinema and doesn't need crazy CGI and action to solely satisfy their viewing needs

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