1980 [HINDI]

Comedy / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 7.6 10 1663

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Reviewed by Kruger-Brent 10 / 10

A wholesome family entertainment.

Another superb family movie from Hrishikesh Mukherjee.The story revolves around a family strictly bounded by rules and regulations implemented by their mother (Dina Pathak).Then Rekha enters in this family and the real fun begins.This is one of the best movies of Rekha and she gave her finest performance in this movie. The other supportive cast is superb, Ashok Kumar appears in the role of a lovable father who knows how to enjoy the life. Rakesh Roshan also fits in his role of an obedient son who falls in love with Rekha. Ranjit Chowdhary has the role of a teenager boy and he gave the full justice to it. In brief, KHUBSOORAT is a complete family entertainment and I recommend this film to everyone from kids to adults.

Reviewed by Peter_Young 8 / 10

A light and heartwarming comedy with a top-notch comic act by Rekha

Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Khubsoorat is fantastic and simple family entertainment. It is well written, well acted and directed, and is thoroughly funny and enojyable. I enjoyed every moment of it, including the songs, the story, the characters, and everything else it dealt with. Khubsoorat presents the brighter side of Hindi cinema, which is not melodramatic, which is more restrained and easy-going. The charm of this little gem comes from its sense of everyday realism, but it also manages to make a genuine impact on the viewer. It portrays upper-class urban families beautifully, and the acting is accordingly natural and authentic. The ever-amazing Rekha presents a different side of her personality. She lets go of her enigmatic sex-appeal and her exotic beauty is switched with an endearingly naive girl-next-door, who is smart and witty and has her values always intact. The result is effective - her comic timing is brilliant, and the zest she injects into her character makes Manju Dayal very memorable. Ashok Kumar is as always wonderful, gracious and likable all through as the kindhearted father, Dina Pathak is impressive as the overly strict mother, and Rakesh Roshan and Shashikala support well. I must note my favourite sequences towards the climax when Ashok Kumar's character falls ill and Manju worryingly looks after him. The scene in which he wakes up and realises she was there taking care of him was very moving. All in all, whoever you are, do watch Khubsoorat, it will make you feel much better. A pleasurable watch indeed!

Reviewed by nutsybuddy 9 / 10

Great Lessons

This movie is what I call a must-watch. While it is very natural in its presentation it gives a strong message as well. With all the talk of love and freedom today it becomes even more important to see this movie which goes a step beyond and puts freedom and love in their true perspective - no freedom comes without a sense of responsibility; love alone is not enough, one needs to realize the responsibility that comes with it. This simple but profound wisdom is conveyed with great spontaneity. The movie also teaches about the thin line between rules that help and rules that are uncomfortably binding. All this in one funny, homely three hour package that is a very wholesome entertainer. Absolutely beautiful!

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