Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy



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Brendan Fraser as Placebo Patient
Janeane Garofalo as Woman at Party
Dave Foley as Marv / Psychiatrist / New Guy / Raymond Hurdicure
Nicole de Boer as Groupie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

a HUGE disappointment

I was a fan of THE KIDS IN THE HALL. Yeah, sometimes the jokes went a little flat, but so often it was gosh darn funny and always was quick to take a risk or poke fun at nearly anything. Unfortunately, once the series ended, they decided to make a farewell film. In hindsight, they should have just left well-enough alone. Boy, was I disappointed. So often, when TV shows go to the big screen, the basic chemistry and formula that made them great is adulterated--this is truly the case with this film. Instead of being weird and funny, it was only slightly weird and not the least bit funny or entertaining. I would have been much happier if they had just strung together three episodes as the movie, instead.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

for Kids in the Hall fans

Roritor Pharmaceuticals is in financial trouble. It's losing money and budgets are getting cut. A group of scientists in the Depression Project has discovered a possible antidepressant. The drug is rushed into production before testing is complete and named Gleemonex. The problem is that the drug eventually puts the patients in a coma of their happiest moment.

The Kids in the Hall delivers a somewhat chaotic script. The movie is held together by the guys themselves doing small great bits with various characters. The story is easy enough. The laughs are intermittent but are big when they come. It's a lot of weird silly characters. For fans of the skit show, the off-center humor is familiar and comforting.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

Very Enjoyable, Quotable Cult Classic

A group of researchers for a pharmaceutical company release Gleemonex, a drug that brings people's happiest memory to the surface and cures depression. All is right in the world, at least until the drug is discovered to have some side effects down the road.

The Kids in the Hall had a great show, and it's no surprise they were able to make a great movie. With a very limited cast, they play dozens of parts and keep the humor rolling from the very beginning. If there's a group that is the spiritual successor to Monty Python, it is probably KITH.

Some of the best jokes are just throw-aways: a cop that dreams about sex with toast, a therapist who doesn't speak German, and a scientist who develops a drug that gives ex-girlfriends worms. One of the running jokes throughout the film is a man who is obviously gay but is unable to admit it. He is consistently funny, even after he comes out in the middle of a musical scene.

Some people allegedly thought that including Cancer Boy was insensitive and not funny in the slightest. I disagree. If it's okay to make fun of depression and homosexuals, I think cancer should be perfectly acceptable. I may not be easily offended, but I think this was fine.

A couple other things made this film great: a great soundtrack with bands like They Might Be Giants and The Odds. One of the earliest film appearances of Selma Blair. Seriously, the only way you would not find this funny is if you had a stick up your butt or you were a flipper baby.

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