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Reviewed by Roel1973 5 / 10

Wheatley has nothing to say

KILL LIST is a sham. The terrific first act, in which traumatized hit-man Jay is lured away from his wife and son by his partner Gal with the promise of a simple job and a big pay check, plays like a Ken Loach kitchen sink drama. Very convincing. The second act builds up the mystery. There are clues that Jay, unbeknownst to him, is at the center of an occult conspiracy. But then we get to the third act, in which writer-director Ben Wheatley tries to shock us with an ending that has no basis in his screenplay whatsoever.

The obvious example here is The Wicker Man, but what Wheatley missed was that everything in Anthony Shaffer's script eventually leads to that shock ending. It flows logically from everything that's happened before, and still it comes as a surprise. That's great writing. Moreover, it is necessary for Shaffer to make his point about religion.

Wheatley makes no point at all. Still, with all the seemingly meaningful details in KILL LIST, he suggests some internal logic to the proceedings. But it's all a pose. His lazy, hollow ending proves that he has nothing to say about anything.

Why does that bother me so much? Because the rest of KILL LIST is so damned good! It's impeccably cast and acted and well made. And the way Wheatley handles different genres in this one movie (relationship drama, gangster film and occult horror) is exceptional. But I hate it when film makers have nothing to say and at the same time pretend that they do.

Reviewed by gabeggg-99516 8 / 10

Critics are misleading. The less you know the better the movie.

Of your here because you heard about this movies violence or heard graphic or about this movies really scary you should know this is misleading. This movie is very violent for the average movie goer. But still was both.

So now for the actual movie: It was a bit dull occasionally especially throughout the first half (mostly due to misleading content). Also was a bit confusing at times. But in the end it pays off as the ending is unexpected. Enough said.

Just go into this movie ignoring everything that critics say. The least you know about the movie when you see it, the better.

Reviewed by AnusPresley 7 / 10

Ignore the hype - it's misleading

There are two scenarios here -

1. If I went into this film blind of knowledge, I would've been very pleasantly surprised, and

2. If I read the hype, I would've felt a bit deflated.

The film itself is exceptionally well executed. The story though is a bit confusing and difficult to follow. The conclusion - inexplicable. There are no how's or why's. Just bang. The End. And the "violence" warnings are a bit over-stated.

I did enjoy and would recommend. Though it is a head scratcher.

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