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Reviewed by darren shan 8 / 10

Impressive short

A junkie breaks into a locker and steals a bag, to get money for drugs. Later we see him in prison. He seems like a loner. Guards taunt him and try to make him lose his temper, so that he will be denied parole. When he's released, he tries to go straight. Interspersed with these scenes are flashbacks of his younger life.

Ramsay's second short film is similar in structure to her first. There are long time lapses between the scenes shown, and we learn nothing about what happens during that time. But it's a more ambitious piece, and works more as a whole. It tells a small, intimate, powerful story, and the final scene makes a big impression.

Another step forward for Ramsay. Definitely worth seeing if you can catch it.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Early effort from rising star

When Lynne Ramsay, at that point in her mid 20s, entered the film industry by shooting "Kill the Day" and another short film in 1996, it was still a long way to where she is today. 15 years before shooting her possibly most known film, "We Need to Talk about Kevin", it's visible that she still has a long way ahead of her. "Kill the Day" stars James Ramsay (possibly her brother?) in a 19-minute crime and prison drama. It's very bleak and rationalist, yet unfortunately neither compelling to watch, even for such a short running time, nor really coherent. It's mostly style over substance and the camera work makes it pretty difficult to follow and appreciate what exactly is going on.

I'd recommend it only to fans of Ramsey's feature films or those interested in the maiden projects of now well-known directors.

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