Killer Ambition


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 136

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Top cast

Sean Kanan as Earl
Monique Parent as Elizabeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

My Name is Earl

The opening scene, a woman is found dead at the docks. The film jumps to 15 years later where the focus is on Sylvia Stafford (Tahnee Harrison) who we later discover was the woman's daughter. She is a successful jewelry designer and is invited to joined an elite woman's business club. As it turns out her boyfriends Jesse (Jonathan Stoddard) is going through an ugly divorce with Vanessa (Shellie Sterling) one of the members. And to muddy the waters, her estranged father suddenly shows and wants to reunite after she accused him of murdering her mother.

Neither the plot nor the characters were believable. The dialogue was the pits.

Made for TV film. No swearing, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by gab-67599 5 / 10

I love LM

But this one was hard to relate to. As someone who is below middle class. This "Rich ppl Problems" movie was just not a relatable story. I remember when I could watch a LM and think "Oh wow, I hope that never happens to me". Now I know for a fact I would never be on a yacht in a dress and heels running around with a spear trying to save my life! It is not that the acting is bad, the actors were ALL eye candy and some were really GOOD actors!

But I knew who was doing it before they did it, just never found out really why. Good story makes a great movie. This was good for a one time watch if you like LM but it is not the best movie they have ever made. Still way more deserving than a one star, I am sure this was not easy to get the money to make. My plea to the LMN is please go back to doing relatable middle class so I can at least feel somewhat connected to the story! Younger actors would cool to watch, like up and coming actresses.

Reviewed by danmasucci-424-796715 1 / 10

I love LMN Cheese but...

This was quite possibly the worst LMN film ever produced.

Let's not just roast the writing, let me talk about the atrociously wardrobe, make-up and lighting.

The plot was so threadbare and weak this was nigh on unwatchable.

Play a drinking game while viewing- every time you want to fast forward, don't- take a drink instead. You're guaranteed to be hammered before the film is half over.

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