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Brooke Langton as Emily
Ashley Rickards as Jessie
Jonny Rees as Springer
Niki Koss as Stacey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thewrite01 1 / 10

Don't Let This Movie Steal 83 Minutes Of Your Life!

The film starts out with a three minute advertisement for the fake company, Titan, and it pretty much goes downhill from there. The whole movie was visually irritating to watch. The camera people were clearly lacking the proper equipment to keep their camera steady, so there was a lot of very slight, yet still all too noticeable wobbling. The main actress appeared to have neck or back problems throughout the first part of the film. At first I thought maybe the character was supposed to be sick or handicapped, but it was just a lot of unnecessary stretching and neck rolling on her part combined with the poor camera work. Some of the dialogue was poorly enunciated and difficult to understand. As if that wasn't enough, there was a lot of unnecessary use of split screen and stock footage, they kept doing this stupid static thing that was really annoying, and the various computer animations they used were just flat-out bad.

All the technical downfalls of the film could possibly be forgiven if the story was any good, but it's not. Jessie is a pretty unlikable character from the start and the story is so jumbled and mucked up with static, split-screen nonsense and bad animations that it is hard to follow everything- much less actually care about anything that is happening. I will definitely not be watching this movie again, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by pink_floydilia 1 / 10

Talented cast...?

Someone wrote that this movie had talented cast however the terrible script let it down. Ummm. No. There was no talent. Nothing redeeming about this movie at all. Nothing that makes it bearable.

Reviewed by KentaroK 1 / 10

So much less than the sum of its parts

When I first came across "Killer App", I thought that, like many other movies which have low ratings, I could at least find something redeeming about it... perhaps, I expected, it would had heart, but not enough post-production talent, as many independent movies do.

However, this movie seems to be an example of too much budget and too little internal critical review.

This movie seems to assume that, rather than suspend disbelief, it should simply demand we believe its world is as it says.

To describe any part of the plot would be to do the work which was not done on this movie: the rewriting really needed to be carried to the point of excellence.

Killer App features cobbled together concepts lifted from popular news, without thinking deeply about the veracity of those statements, their implications, or how to implement the plot.

The actors seemed to have talent which is "broken" by the terrible writing. They really try to portray roles, but the roles are not "fleshed out" by the way that the scenarios unfold. It is more of a jumbled set of events which contradict, confuse, and force us to disengage from the characters emotionally.

Even though the individual scenes may be well acted, they do not add up to portraying a character, so it instead seems like "bad acting"... but it is actually, horrible writing, or a lack of cohesion, sequence, and effective competence in the writing.

Nothing, at all, about this movie suggests that they were trying to tell a story. All of the talent on this movie was wasted, and as a result, your time will be wasted if you watch it.

Watch anything else instead.

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