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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 1 / 10

Killer Snooze-fest

Good lord; where to begin...

"Killer Christmas" is an el cheapo movie (I'd say made for about $100) about six people who go to a Christmas tree lot to cut a tree, only to decide they'd rather go explore an abandoned hotel. And, of course, they can't stay together. They decide to play the noisiest game of hide-n-seek, where nobody really hides but everybody stomps around. And for whatever reason, it seems an eternity before the killer finally appears, although there's really no surprise in who it is.

Anything and everything (just about) is wrong with this movie. The editing is horrendous. It goes from broad daylight to black dark in, oh, about 30 seconds. I will say this: the actors did what they could, but it was the script that did them in. The pacing was way off. People--and cars--appear and disappear in the same speed it went from light to dark. One shot of the victims shows very nicely lit houses in a subdivision not a stone's throw away.

Rated "R" for constant language and very minimal violence you'd be wise to ask for anything but a copy of this movie.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 3 / 10

Killer Waste Of Time

A group of friends go to cut down Christmas trees then decide to explore an abandoned hotel where of course they meet up with doom and gloom.

Another crappy horror flick that for some strange reason I watched all the way through. The killer's mask looks more like the Silo Killer (2002) mask then it does a Santa. For an added bonus you get this annoying tune that a choir of kids are singing, every three minutes! After an hour I was hoping to be the next victim. The ending is just as pathetic.

Reviewed by SashaDarko 4 / 10

Killer Christmas (2017)

A mediocre slasher which barely has anything to do with Christmas, the whole movie is just about degenerate youngsters going through an abandoned hotel, eventually realizing they're not alone there and it's a home of serial killer with a Santa mask. The crazy sound editing desperately tries to make it connected to the holiday - there are Christmas tunes in the mix throughout the movie seemingly randomly put here and there along with some woman whispering lines connected to the holiday theme (who? why?).

The actors do their job OK for the most time (the characters are super 2D anyway), but then come the girls with over-the-top screaming and they do it all the time, it just sounds like sirens.

The ending starts as something dumb and extremely ridiculous, but then proceeds as something very dark, actually it can probably ruin the holiday forever for people who watched it.

Probably watch this one if you want a snowy horror movie and you have absolutely nothing else to watch. At least it's watchable and not THAT boring.

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