Killer Force


Action / Crime / Thriller

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O.J. Simpson as 'Bopper' Alexander
Hugh O'Brian as John Lewis
Maud Adams as Clare Chambers
Telly Savalas as Harry Webb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emm 7 / 10

It's old-fashioned 70s action with lots of intrigue.

KILLER FORCE is one of the many action movies of the 70s on a "bad guy" perspective and a low budget, with a sand dune setting and lots of funky disco which made these great. It stands out best for its intrigue. Don't expect much from top-billed Telly Savalas (who rips the dress off of Maud Adams!), but do follow Peter Fonda's point of view as he joins an army of force attempting to rob the valuables from a diamond mine. This is a chance to see O.J. Simpson in his glory days as one of the heist members going out to seize an electric fuse, a plot that leads the men into the facility. The action sequences look mild but they remain exciting to this day as with other Italian-made productions. Try not to think but understand that KILLER FORCE was made on European soil with an American cast (other than Christopher Lee) driving auto vehicles on the passenger side. Definitely worth a find if you crave for late-night intrigue. Nice color.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

"You got yourself a new member"

The plot outline sounded much better than the execution of it, but this largely forgotten on-the-cheap drive-in 70s adventure heist joint is worthwhile just for the cast alone and that it was directed by Val Guest. The setting is unique, a South African diamond mine located deep in the desert is targeted for a daring hit (Hugh O'Brian, Christopher Lee and a smirking O.J Simpson) and Telly Savalas in menacingly oozing form plays the company's security chief trying to prevent it. A cynically scruffy Peter Fonda is a field security officer who gets caught up in it all, when he agrees to go undercover; stealing a diamond and escaping capture to get the attention of an insider who they believe is smuggling diamonds/and who is also helping prepare a heist. However no-one else knows about this job, including his girlfriend (the radiant Maud Adams) and the security chief.

The knotty, if absurd plot offers a neat array of dangerous twists and unrelenting turns, which keeps the rhythmic story moving and constantly interesting. It really does pick up things in the back-end, as the plans are set in motion and the rough nature breaks out. The character interactions remain dynamic, especially the scenes when Fonda's character meets the heist group. Mechanically directed, but it consists of fun biting dialogues, all-out no-bull violence, well-shot locations and many big egos trying to mug every shot they're in. Backing this up is a titillatingly groovy soundtrack which simply makes you want to boogie. It does.

Reviewed by jb007-5 10 / 10

Great action- "Killer" movie!

This is one of the 70s better and most under rated thrillers of that era! It has a fantastic sound track by the maestro, Georges Garvarentz, an intriguing cast (Telly Savalas, Peter Fonda, Hugh O'Brian, O. J. Simpson, Maud Adams and Christopher Lee- the latter two are both excellent in this film!). It's a very thrilling experience, and one I did not forget in a hurry! 10/ 10!!!! AA+++

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