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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hugor 7 / 10

Completely outlandish and over the top! AWESOME!

As far as my rating goes, I'm voting on the entertainment value of the movie, and not analyzing each category of the movie as far as cinematography, special effects, dialogs and stuff of the sort might go...

The movie is just a completely amazing and over the top adventure, with outlandish plot twists, cheesy lines and dialogs. The characters are just totally unbelievable and over the top that you can't help loving them and most of the movie just feels like a completely delusional experience, but it's AWESOME! It just grips you to it, and entertains the living crap out of ya! Well, at least it made my night! I'd recommend it to any movie-watcher that just likes having a laugh, with some fun involved.

AVOID if you take films too seriously!

Reviewed by mmohr 8 / 10

Somehow this movie stuck in my mind

I saw a midnight premiere of this movie in college and it quickly disappeared, but it stuck in my head long after I forgot the title, and I'm lucky I re-found it. No one in that theater knew what to expect from this movie, and it start out as everyone's worst nightmare: a cheap, clichéd crime drama. A lot of people walked out after the first 20 minutes, but I was determined to stick it through. And I'm really glad I did.

At the twist point in this movie, the horrible clichés and acting and directing of the first half feel like an amazingly underplayed setup to a punchline with actual humor and shock. Imagine "From Dusk till Dawn" if the vampire angle hadn't been completely ruined by over promotion.

It's really rare that a movie seems to be one thing but then turns completely around halfway through into something 10x better, but this is one of those. It used the low expectations and low budget to it's own advantage and turned out a movie I never forgot.

Reviewed by GatorMcKlusky 8 / 10

Take a Hell Ride

I have seen this film on my local video store shelf for years but never rented it until last night. I must say it is not what I was expecting, but I found it quite entertaining. It was one hell of a crazy trip, and every time I thought I knew what was going on there was another twist. I recommend it to those who loved the insanity of Natural Born Killers, or if you just want to try something different. Dave Larsen as Odessa displayed some great acting abilities and reminded me of Mickey Rourke back in his hay days, not to mention he looked bad ass with skeleton face make-up and wielding a shotgun. The acting by C.T. Miller as Mr. Ryan and Nanette Bianchi as Jami entertained the hell out of me, and I loved every minute of it. This movie had me cracking up from beginning to end, and was quite surprised by all the crazy twists. See this film........

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