Killer's Delight


Horror / Thriller

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Margot Rose as Bar Patron
George 'Buck' Flower as Pete the Witness
Susan Sullivan as Dr. Carol Thompson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void 7 / 10

Decent serial killer flick, apparently based on Ted Bundy

Killer's Delight is said to be based on the real life crimes of Ted Bundy, and that would seem to be an accurate assessment of the film as the killer in this film and the real life killer share many similarities; although the release of Killer's Delight and the apprehension of Ted Bundy happened around the same time. The majority of this film focuses on the investigation into the murders rather than the murders themselves and as such the film is not particularly graphic, but we do get to see how the killer targets his victims. The film takes place in a small town and several young girls have turned up dead. Detective De Carlo believes that all the murders were committed by the same killer and as he begins to investigate, discovers that all the girls were hitchhiking before they were killed. It soon becomes apparent to Detective De Carlo that the killer is not only continuing, but actually flaunting the murders under the police's noses. Things begin to heat up as the search for the killer becomes more desperate.

The film gets off to a promising start as we see a young hitchhiker kidnapped and killed, but then things slow down a bit as the police investigation takes central stage. It has to be said that there isn't a lot of tension featured in the film and it mostly just relies on the story and characters to pull it through, which does keep things interesting for most of the duration. The film is very much a product of the seventies; and the production values are surprisingly good and while I doubt that the film had an affluent budget to work from, it doesn't seem to be a low budget film either and I am a rather surprised that the film has vanished so far into obscurity. The film does become a bit tedious in places as it moves on and the final third can be a bit slow, which is a shame but the final climax is decent enough and the film does feature a fitting ending. Despite its obscurity, the film does have a DVD release and while I wouldn't recommend that anyone rushes out to purchase it; it is a decent enough watch if you can get your hands on a copy.

Reviewed by cenobitetx 6 / 10

Not a bad attempt at an American giallo.

I came across this movie in a list of movies inspired by true crime cases. The inspiration for this film was the cases of Ted Bundy and Edmund Kempler.

The script is very simple, clearly having some influence by European films like 'Bird With The Crystal Plumage' or 'Black Belly of the Tarantula'. However, Maralyn Thoma doesn't make this mystery that complex, focusing more on the cat and mouse game between the killer and the detective.

Compared to most modern slick thrillers and horror movies, it is easy to consider this film dull with it's steady progression and lack of cheap fake scares. What this film is trying to achieve isn't cheap shocks but a slow sense of frustration and dread.

The killer is underdeveloped as a character for a simple reason, this film is from 1978. A lot of the information about serial killers, their psycho-pathology and victimology was still being developed at the time. Without the information we take for granted now, it was much better to keep the tension by detaching from the killer, making him a monster by mystery.

The actors in this film are giving their all. James Luisi is a very sympathetic, complicated protagonist, absorbed in this case and torn between his home life with his family, and his mistress, a psychologist who can give him his first clues on the nature of this kind of monster.

The girls playing the victims are very convincing in their naivety, their shock at being trapped and their fear being in the hands of a madman. They aren't mere cookie cut bodies or subtly being blamed for their victimization, with small action and dialog, they are made real and ordinary for us.

Oh, and also because it is a late seventies film, there has to be one lame, over sentimental song. That's just a given.

This is an overlooked film, and that's a pity. For a true horror maven, it is well worth watching.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

Sordid, 70s serial killer flick, apparently based on the activities of Ted Bundy.

Despite resembling a made for TV movie for much of the time, Killer's Delight still manages to be an enjoyably tawdry and occasionally shocking effort thanks to the inclusion of plenty of hot 70s babes and one or two genuinely nasty moments amongst the routine detective work.

The film opens in a delightfully tasteless manner with its psycho killer, Danny (John Karlen) disposing of a naked female body by launching it carelessly down a San Fransisco hillside. The body is soon found, and the damage inflicted is presented in gory detail through a series of black and white police photographs. The film then follows the sicko as he abducts and kills even more young, attractive women—mostly hitch-hikers—casually dumping their mutilated bodies to be found by members of the public (who include prolific B-movie character actor George 'Buck' Flower). Investigating the case is tough cop Vince De Carlo (James Luisi, who reminds me a bit of John Saxon for some reason), who eventually convinces his sexy mistress Carol (Susan Sullivan) to act as bait for the twisted nut-job.

Luisi does a pretty good job as the frustrated lawman who is taunted by demented dirt-bag Danny, but the film is at its most entertaining when the script forgets about dull police procedure and concentrates on its more exploitative elements. Setting much of the action at an outdoor swimming pool, for example, allows director Jeremy Hoenack to feature plenty of honeys frolicking in eentsy-weentsy bikinis, but the most lurid moments are definitely between the killer and his victims. Having lured them into his van, the maniac binds and sexually abuses the poor girls, and in one graphic scene, exposes a girl's heaving bosom before ruthlessly breaking her fingers.

The film also manages to leave a lasting impression with a downbeat ending in which De Carlo arrives too late to save Carol from the killer.

If you're into 70s thrillers, exploitation, or serial killer flicks, Killer's Delight deserves your attention: it might not be the slickest film in the genre, or the most lurid, but it's tacky 70s trappings, and the convincingly demented central performance from Karlen as woman hating screw-up Danny definitely make it worth watching.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

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