King Charles III


Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1502

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Adam James as Prime Minister Tristan Evans
Rupert Vansittart as Sir Matthew
John Shrapnel as Archbishop of Canterbury
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LyonME 3 / 10

What the hell did I just watch?

Where did this fantasy "reality" drama come from? It takes real living people and turns them into farcical characters with evil or untoward motivations. Yet, like a train wreck, I couldn't look away. I guess it's interesting to watch but I'm not sure why. We all have our opinions on the royal family and what we think makes them tick. It just seems a bit irresponsible to commit those notions to film, which has the unfortunate effect of being interpreted as having a basis in fact.

Reviewed by RichardvonLust 7 / 10

Wonderful acting but a deeply flawed concept.

The day has finally arrived. Charles is at last king and without the restrictions of his mother. Almost immediately he finds himself at odds with his prime minister and refuses assent to a bill passed by Parliament.

In typical Shakespearean style Charles then finds himself tangled in political intrigue and family betrayal. The politicians seek his abdication. William is portrayed as a rather weak character entirely under the ambitious thumb of his ruthless wife who lusts for power. Harry seems more obsessed with finding love somewhere in an East End council flat than the duties of his birth whilst Camilla does her best to keep everything together.

So far so good. All the characters are entirely believable and extremely well cast although perhaps Prince Harry is somewhat better looking than his stage counterpart.

But sadly there is major flaw in the script. The bill in question would restrict press freedom and the plot suggests that public outrage at the King's refusal to allow this is sufficient to cause 'bloodletting' in a virtual civil war. Such is more than unlikely. Moreover both William and Harry turn against their father as the crown is wrestled from him by force with their support. Such is even more absurd. Eventually Charles accepts the betrayal and crowns his own son with bitter sentiment. Never can one imagine that the ancient rites of kingship would be so trampled simply because the king would protect free speech. And were that to transpire I am certain that Charles would invoke the Plantagenate curse that saw the Tudor usurpers extinct in three generations after their treachery at Bosworth. Now that would have been a far better ending as Charles crowns the son that stole his throne. What a pity the writer did not compose with greater imagination and less absurdity.

Reviewed by eatomson 8 / 10

Don't mind the 'Shakespearian' language.

Previous reviews have mentioned the odd 'iambic' Shakespearian language, suggesting that it might discourage people. I thought it was effective, in showing the distance between the Royals' lives and 'reality'. And if you listen, it makes sense even to those who 'doth daily go, back and forth, upon the Clapham omnibus', as the Prime Minister describes the regular people who have always backed the Royals. If it were spoken in normal 'posh' English, it would sound like some soap opera, 'Real Housewives of Windsor' perhaps. Or some show about the doings at a big family-run firm. My down-votes were for the dim lighting in too many scenes, and the depiction of Kate Middleton, which, I suppose in an effort to give her something to do, made her a scheming political creature.

I would like to see the playwright do Edward VII and Edward VIII. The first also waited most of his life to take the throne, and the second gave up his throne 'for the woman he loved'.

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