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Jeff Bridges as Jack Prescott
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Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 6 / 10

This movie is just okay

It's hard for me to hate this movie because there really isn't anything to hate. There isn't anything to love either. This is the first remake of the 1933 classic and it's mostly forgotten as we have the much superior 2005 remake. This film holds a candle to neither, but it's not too bad either. It's basically just King Kong with nothing new put in. There is one part where it actually improves over the 2005 version. That movie didn't even show how King Kong got to New York City. This movie shows him down below on board a giant ship.

The worst thing about this movie is the lack of monsters. All we see is just one giant snake and that's it. That's nowhere near as cool as Kong fighting a dinosaur. It was so cool to see all the other inhabitants of the island in both other versions. This was just mostly dull. We do get some pretty good scenes with the woman trying to communicate with Kong. Yes, it's very weird to see Kong climbing the World Trade Center. Would this film be banned from TV now? I mean, I certainly haven't heard of it being on network TV. **1/2

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10

A damn underrated King Kong Remake!!!

A petroleum exploration expedition comes to an isolated island and encounters a colossal giant gorilla. King Kong (1976) is a much better film than the IMDb rating suggest it is. I really liked the fact that the movie stayed true to the characters origin and even tho it does get kinda ridiculous at times like Kong trying to play with Dwan and he eventually slips off her dress by accident or the fact that during a big chase threw the streets of New York Dwan asks for a drink when a giant Ape is on a loose and stomps people. Also i gotta give the Production a credit there were some pretty good shots and the practical effects were quite great for a 70's film plus i did liked both Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. The whole story of Kong was always quite sad cause Kong was just an innocent animal that fall in love for a woman and unfortunately he lost his life and basically sacrificed himself in order for her to live and the way that this whole thing is portrayed here is much more "realistic" on it's own way. Great Cast, Good Performances, some good Goofy Moments and some really good Practical Effects and overall i quite enjoyed this film way more than i was actually expecting. (A+)

Reviewed by Woodyanders 7 / 10

A valiant, if not altogether successful attempt at doing a very 1970's version of the 1930's classic

An expedition to find oil on a remote tropical island discovers a giant ape (simian expert Rick Baker in a pretty convincing gorilla suit) instead.

Director John Guillermin gives this picture an impressive sense of scope, keeps the enjoyable story moving along at a steady pace, and stages the exciting climax atop the World Trade Center with flair and skill. Lorenzo Semple Jr.'s bright, but uneven script cleverly updates the premise with then timely and topical references to the oil crisis, the porno chic fad, the astrology craze, and the feminist movement which now date the movie in a charming way as well as offers the inspired touch of reducing Kong to a commodity that's crassly exploited by a greedy major corporation. However, the campy humor produces more groans than laughs while the variable special effects are strictly hit or miss throughout (Kong's dramatic entrance rates as a definite rousing highlight while his fight with a huge fake snake fails to pass muster).

Fortunately, the sturdy acting by the fine cast helps a lot: A hirsute Jeff Bridges contributes a likable performance as decent and humane hippie paleontologist Jack Prescott, Jessica Lange makes an appealing cinematic debut as the sweetly ditsy Dwan, and Charles Grodin pours on the slimy snark as smarmy and unscrupulous oil company executive Fred Wilson, plus there are sound supporting contributions from John Randolph as the venerable Captain Ross, Rene Auberjonois as nerdy scientist Bagley, Julius Harris as the tough Boan, Jack O'Halloran as the dim-witted Joe Perko, Dennis Fimple as the goofy Sunfish, and Ed Lauter as the gruff Carnahan. John Barry's majestic orchestral score hits the stirring spot. Richard H. Kline's sumptuous widescreen cinematography provides a breathtaking glossy look. By no means a perfect film, but certainly not anywhere near as bad as its undeservedly poor reputation suggests.

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