King Solomon's Treasure


Adventure / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 271

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Wilfrid Hyde-White as Oldest Club Member
John Colicos as Allan Quatermain
Patrick Macnee as Capt. Good R.N.
David McCallum as Sir Henry Curtis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunwarrior13 3 / 10

Worst Film Adaptation Of Haggard's Novel

King Solomon's Treasure is another film adaptation of H. Rider Haggard's novel entitled King Solomon's Mines.It stars John Colicos as Allan Quatermain together with David McCallum, Britt Ekland and Patrick Macnee.The story of the movie is about a group of explorers that sets off in search of a lost Phoenician city at the heart of the African continent.

Too bad that it was obviously a low budget film as evidenced by its special effects that are far from being exemplary and the dinosaurs that aren't really scary at all.What also made it worse is the performances of the cast which is far from being convincing at all.The only good thing about it that the cinematography and nothing more.

That is why it escaped the lowest rating but not having the worst film adaptation of Haggard's novel.

Reviewed by sandcrab277 2 / 10

really ?

John colicos as alan quartermain is as bad as throwing out the baby with the bath water ...why not david ? in fact why not anyone else ? bufoonary at its best, but i'd watch britt eckland in anything if she got naked

Reviewed by BrewSwaine 1 / 10

King Solomon's Dungheap!!

This movie is awful in every way. I can only infer that the Foley Artist was drunk because, although the lip synch is fine, the sound effects are inordinately out of time. But correcting this would merely have been stecoration of an already mammoth pile of fecal matter.

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