Kiss Me

2011 [SWEDISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 9726

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Björn Kjellman as The Priest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by itgirlx 10 / 10

Kiss Me Again!

This film deserves more than one viewing, in fact, watch it a few times and see if you don't find yourself swept away by its many charms. Much of what goes unspoken in dialog is expressed in the subtlety of the the superb performances by Liv Mjönes, Ruth Vega Fernandez and the stellar supporting cast. Swedish superstar Lena Endre, so enamored of this production, became one of the films producers. The story's strength, sensitive writing and direction by Alexandra-Therese Keining brought together an ensemble of Sweden's finest actors for this relatively low budget indy film.

Another thing to keep in mind, for America audiences in particular, is this film portrays European culture which has sensibilities pronouncedly different in the expression of day-to-day human interactions than their American counterparts. How these differences play out on film is quieter and more complex than your typical rom-com or American style drama. What goes unspoken is caught and translated within the context of every expression in every frame of film. The gorgeous cinematography and lushly sublime score adds subtext to every scene, while light and color underscore the blossoming of true love.

The fresh-faced, no make-up, every-day hair and simplicity of style, lends an authenticity which engages one into the story and lets you feel the characters in every scene. Character development and the pure talent of the supporting cast, (Krister Henriksson, Lena Endre, Joakim Nätterqvist, Tom Ljungman and producer actress Josephine Tengblad) add a layer of complexity that rounds out and fills in the on-screen canvas.

Mia's anxiety is palpable and her outbursts make one as nervous as if she were sitting next to you, all the while Frida's inexorable charm and playfulness fills you with the giddiness of first love which turns out be the real story of this film. Oh, and the on-screen chemistry between Frida and Mia is a breath-taking testament to great casting and inspired performance.

So, watch "Kiss Me" again with a fresh eye, trained for how much can be said in a single look or gestures ripe with context, subtext and beautifully delivered one word lines like, "Absolut" or "Precis." Notice how that makes you feel, then remember when you found that brand of magic in your own life--or go out and find it.

Reviewed by i-spookie 10 / 10

I love this movie !

Without much stash around it, it tells a love story anybody can relate to or believe in. That they are lesbians, to me a plus, has nothing to do with the story - it's a love story. It helps that it's Swedish - such a great language - and so far from Hollywood.

A lot of great lesbian love stories has been made around the world in the last 20 years: Intimates (China), Fire (India), Produceing Adults (Finland), Between Two Women (GB), Aimée & Jaguar (Germany), I Can't Think Straight (Middleeastern, but UK) and (of course) Imagine You and me (UK) - not to mention all the rest from eastern Europe, Malaisia, Japan and South America - and all the other countries who are breaking the boundaries. Cudos to you all.

But "Kyss Mig" kind of beats them all of the above for me because of it's honesty. All hypocrisy was set aside - it was what it was and people got hurt. I like that. To me that's life. Get a few blows - give a few blows. We are what we are - we do what we do.

The two leads, Ruth Vega Fernandez as Mia and Liv Mjönes as Frida, gives beautiful performances, as do Lena Endre as the mom and Krister Henriksson as the rather confused and in denial father of Mia. And I loved Mia's brother, Oscar, played by Tom Ljungman. Actually - the only one I did not get a feel of was Tim, the boyfriend of Mia, played by Joakim Nätterqvist. Maybe a script thing but he came over too one dimensional to me. As for cudos: Great one to you, Alexandra-Therese Keining, writing it and for directing it !!! AND to you Josefine Tengblad, producer, playing Elin, Fridas girlfriend. Great job!!

And for "rumpanbar" (meening in Swedish "bare ass") who gave it a 1 !! Are you for real ???

All in all: I love this film !

Reviewed by heyandersson 10 / 10

beautiful and amazing

I loved this film. It is beautiful and brave, with great Swedish actresses (and actors).

I suppose the story is quite "cliché" but that's nothing you think of while watching it, at all. The film is very emotionally intense. And again, the performance from the actresses, Ruth Vega Fernandez and Liv Mjönes is amazing.

There's also a lot of parts that you can relate to (straight or gay) and that's very positive. As it is touching in many ways you do also get a few good laughs on the way! :)

(Can also add that I adore where the setting take place. Especially because I've been to them places myself. One scene is shot at my school which of course makes it funnier to watch)

Anyhow, I strongly recommend you to watch it, it won't leave you unaffected..

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