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Hrithik Roshan as Jay Ray
Bárbara Mori as Natasha
Kangana Ranaut as Gina B. Grover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Takethispunch 1 / 10

Atrocious. A torture.

Jai (Hrithik Roshan) is a dance teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a sideline, he marries immigrant women to get her green cards. When Gina (Kangana Ranaut), the rich daughter of a powerful casino owner Bob (Kabir Bedi), falls for him, Jai goes along to marry into money. He discovers that his future brother-in-law, the vicious, homicidal Tony (Nicholas Brown), is about to marry a Mexican woman named Natasha (Bárbara Mori), whom Jai knows as Linda, the last of the immigrant women he married. On the night before "Natasha" and Tony's wedding, Linda and Jai spend a romantic but chaste night, humorously agreeing to a "divorce". A jealous, gun-wielding Tony arrives at her apartment while Jai is there. After he hits her, Linda impulsively knocks him out with a heavy object while he tussles with Jai. Linda and Jai go on the run toward Mexico, with Tony and police in pursuit.

Reviewed by manikagarwal2 8 / 10

a Greek god unleashed !!!!

What a roller-coaster ride, m i impressed. Certainly. With all due apologies, i kept away from watching this flick for so long n m i surprised after seeing it. Guys leave all d rubbish people say but this certainly is if not perfect but still a well directed n picturised love story. Anurag basu is indeed a story teller, precisely a love story narrator n boy,he does his job well!!. Has been able to depict a beautiful but unusual romance b/w 2 persons who don't understand each other's language n there lies d best part. Both of them emote n enact their roles with aplomb. In fact they sizzle. Hrithik was a good actor, that was never in doubt but here he proves it all d more n delivers an emotional act. U seem to be involved with him whether he laughs,dances, fights or simply d best scene when he cries n 1 can c sorrow n despair in his body language,his face ,his eyes. Truly an actor who has given masterly performances in lakshya n guzaarish which bcoz of their different takes largely went unnoticed.. He delivers his dialogues in English with so much ease day 1may simply forget his native tongue. He is class apart,. Especially laudable is his dance at the. Beginning where he mesmerises n enthralls u with his effortless moves. n special mention of d gr8 work behind d camera capturing d moments in a quite beautiful manner, with a decent hummable background score. In all, this ain't any nonsense, u got to watch it n accept it for d performances, on screen persona of Hrithik,cinematography n direction. N as far as glitches go, give them a blind eye to enjoy n appreciate the good hard work... Hrithik the Greek god. .....

Reviewed by Mridul Mahapatra 9 / 10


Through the last 5 years, KITES has been slammed for lots of reason,which are baseless to me, because once you see the film, you will love it..

A story of love, tragedy, excitement, sorrow, it had all.. Why still people can't get it, is not understandable.

Okay I am not blaming them, to me a film which have good story, good acting and x-factor are good film.

KITES had it all. It is simply awesome.

I will not mention the story here,as either you all know it, or you are not interested.

Hrithik was superb. Strong performance from him. Barbara was equally impressive. Rest casts did justice to their role. Good location and good music.

A must-watch.

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