Klovn the Final



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gudmunduregill 10 / 10

Icelanders love this movie

I saw it in a packed cinema in Reykjavik. People were losing their minds the whole film. I haven't seen this sort of audience engagement since Borat premiered. Absolutely fantastic film, Danish dark humour with soul at its best.

Reviewed by kasper-rieck 9 / 10

Le Grand Finale - Perfect ending...

Really really funny ending to the "Klovn" universe! If you like "Klovn" then you will love this movie. It's awkward, over the top, true to the Klovn-universe and basically hilarious.

I watched this movie at a fully packed Copenhagen cinema, and throughout the movie you could hear giggling, big and noisy laughs and someone saying "oh no...." when Frank and Casper was About to do Something crazy :o)

I predict that about 1 million danes Will go see "Klovn - the final" - Thats more or less about 20% of Denmarks population!

You Will lave the cinema energized and with a BIG smile om tour face!

Go see it.....

Reviewed by ingolfur_magnusson 10 / 10

The funniest movie ever?

I think I never saw a funnier movie. Dave Chapelle, South Park etc., have similar humor but this takes that to a whole new level. The grand finale to Klovn movies and series, this cannot be topped. Not for the easily offended but for the rest of us this is pure gold.

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