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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Patient444 7 / 10

No reason for it to be this good!

I did not expect this, at all. It started out looking sort of cheap to be honest, not the best camera quality, but as the minutes went by, jokes, actual jokes, started to make their appearance. And believe it or not, I laughed and craved for more.

The humor here, for this sort of production, it really is top notch, up there with Housebound, or One-Eyed Monster, movies that are not afraid to blend in some good ol slice and dice with out of place jokes that just make everything better. Good kills, lovely acting, beautifully written script and one marvelous indie execution, made Knifecorp one of the best movies I've seen this year. It really is a pleasant surprise and I do recommend it for anyone that wants to have a good time.

Now don't get me wrong, it is certainly not a Fear Street sort of film, but you do have to take in consideration the budget, the possibilities it had, and if you do so, you will understand that the people involved in the making of Knifecorp really gave it their best and truly delivered something special.

All in all, great way to pass the time, I did not expect to be this entertained, but here I am, all smiles and good mood.


Reviewed by dy38493 5 / 10

Good movie from kane hodder

Good movie to watch for especially the kane hodder the movie is simple but great acting from all characters make it a must see movie.

Reviewed by dasa108 2 / 10

A bad movie barely redeemed by Kane Hodder

I know horror movies and apart from that I have been a salesman for many years. This movie was an opportunity to find myself identified with some character but unfortunately the characters present here were unbearable: a Hindu with parental problems, a Korean with a good sense of humor, a drug addict and a traumatized boy with forced laughter. They arrive in a sales campaign where Kane Hodder and the problems begin. Here the film descends to levels of martyrdom and script errors begin to appear: if there are young people you must have a nude sequence. There isn't. If you must insert a psychiatric question at least you must tell something so that the conclusion is more acceptable. None of that happens. Situations appear for no reason and everything loses interest while people we don't care about die. This movie is very bad and the only thing that saves it is Kane Hodder simply because he is Jason, Victor Crowley and he is a decent actor.

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