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Elina Löwensohn as La mère de Guy
Vanessa Paradis as Anne Parèze
Nicolas Maury as Archibald Langevin
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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Modern giallo

Knife + Heart is a true anomaly when it comes to giallo. It's from France, a country more given to the fantastique film than the giallo - though there are movies like The Night Caller, Without Apparent Motive and The Night Under the Throat. And its victims aren't gorgeous women, but the actors of the gay porn industry, changing the psychosexual dynamics of the form.

Instead of featuring the sounds of a band like Goblin or a score by the likes of Morricone or Orlandi, Knife + Heart has music by Anthony Gonzalez of M83 who is director Yann Gonzalez's brother.

A young man is killed by a masked man whose very sex conceals his murder weapon to open the film. Then, we meet Anne (Vanessa Paradis), an adult film director who has recently been abandoned by her girlfriend and editor Lois. The man killed in the opening was the star of several of her films; now she must find an actor to take his place. That leads her to Nans, who despite identifying as a straight man agrees to be in her movie.

The new film - Homocidal - will be her version of the murders, which continue targeting members of her cast. The police either can't - or won't - help. But the movie gets finished and as the group celebrates its completion with a picnic, the killer strikes again, just as Anne pretty much assaults Lois in an attempt to get her back.

The true killer is a man whose father caught him making love to another man. He killed his lover and castrated his son, who was also burned in a fire before being brought back from the dead by a blind crow - the fact that this movie isn't called Call of the Blind Crow speaks to its non-Italian origins - and seeing one of Anne's movies brought his memories back.

This being a giallo, there's also a bird expert with a disfigured hand that looks like he has, quite literally, chicken fingers. Plus, the entire end of the movie is explained via voiceover. The fact that so much of this movie is given to style over substance means that it lives up to the movies that inspired it.

While the murders are in your face, the sex is nearly hidden from view. And Anne is an intriguing protagonist - drunken and bitter instead of the normal virginal giallo and slasher ingenues that save the day. She instead brings the killer closer with each scene that she directs.

Reviewed by david_rudy_lee 9 / 10

Deeper Meaning In a Neo-Giallo

This was a film that one of my buddies from social media told me about. It was already on my radar a new film to check out from this year, but his high praise made me move it up my 'To See List'. Also one of my favorite podcasters really seemed to enjoy it as well. This is actually a neo-giallo film that comes from France and Mexico. I know for purists, that makes this not a gialli, but after seeing this, it most definitely is. The synopsis is Paris, summer 1979. Anne (Vanessa Paradis) is a producer of cheap gay porn. When Lois (Kate Moran), her editor and companion leaves her, she attempts to get her back by making a more ambitious film with the flamboyant Archibald (Nicolas Maury).

Now I should lead off stating that this is definitely an arthouse film. We start with intercutting Loïs as she is editing the latest dallies for a film. This is being seen with the star of that film, Karl (Bastien Waultier), inside of a gay, fetish bar. As he's dancing with some men, he looks across the room at someone in a leather mask. This person leaves and Karl follows. The two go home together, where Karl is tied up. He's then killed as the masked person stabs him with a dildo that is actually concealing a knife.

Later that night, Anne calls Loïs and we learn the two were lovers, but they're broken up. Anne wants her back, but Loïs can't do it. This upsets her and she is hung on up. We get that Anne has a bit of a drinking problem and she's highly emotional.

Anne comes to work the next day where we see Archibald directing an adult film with Thierry (Félix Maritaud) and two other actors. Anne goes upstairs were she sees spies on Loïs while she works.

Things take a turn when the police call to inform them of the death of Karl. This though gives Anne an idea for her next movie. Things take a dark turn though, as more of her actors are killed by this masked man. The film that she is making is mimicking the crimes around her and she even has Archibald playing as her. To star in it, she finds Nans (Khaled Alouach) who looks similar to the star of the film we saw earlier, Fouad. He at first declines, but the money is a bit too good. The crew has to decide though to continue to work and put their lives at risk. Anne only seems interesting in getting Loïs back though. Anne tries to find out who the killer is behind it is too late.

Now I'm glad I finally got to see this movie, because there's a lot to unfold here. The first thing I want to dive into is the time period this is set. I think that is quite interesting having this be at the tail end of the 1970's, which was really a time for free love. I'm of course looking at this as an American, where we are quite prudish. I think the time period is quite important for my next point though.

That would be homosexuality. Anne and Loïs was a couple that is now broken up. Anne is the director for gay porn with Loïs as the editor. All of the actors we see at first are homosexuals as well. What is interesting is that Nans is straight, but the money is too good for him to not be a part of this film to the point where Anne offers him his weekly salary for just a couple of days of work. This film really does do well at celebrating that there's nothing wrong with this and I dig that. There's a dark side to it as well though.

This brings to me to the point that the killer is knocking off the actors for this company. What is interesting about this though is the actual reason the killer is killing them. At the time of the reveal, it is believed that the killer is doing this because of these people's sexual orientation. We as viewers know though are given a bit more than that. Anne does the normal giallo troupe to explain everything that has happened and it actually makes the killer seem tragic. My buddy said this in his recommendation and it is completely right. I don't want to spoil this, so you will have to listen to my podcast where I will delve into this a bit more.

Since I've already shifted over into this, we do get that troupe of the over explaining to ensure we as the audience know what we just saw. We also get a great looking killer. They wear a black, leather mask and have similar gloves. They use a knife for all of the killings as well. We even get that Anne is having dreams that lead us to the truth. What is interesting about this, she is taking her dreams to make her movie and when she's told to follow what they're telling her, that is how we explain who and why the killer is doing what he's doing. I really dug this and I have to admit, I didn't predict the killer which is something that I grade on these types of films.

That will take me to the pacing here. I do think that his runs a tad bit long. It comes in around 105 minutes. I don't want to say I got bored here, because I think everything that we see was needed. We get introduced to our characters and that first death within the opening 10 minutes. From there we build the tension as things go down. It keeps with the giallo sub-genre with Anne, not being a cop, being the one to solve what is going on here. I thought we got the kills at a good interval, ramping up that tension to a satisfying conclusion in a movie theater. As I said, I didn't predict the killer so I did enjoy that as well.

As for the acting, I thought that it was good across the board. Paradis I thought was solid as the lead here. We see that she is unstable and has a drinking problem throughout. I unfortunately connected with her in that I've had an ex-girlfriend break up with me and I've done everything that I can to get her back. We don't really get a lot of growth from her aside from the ending is trying to say she is at peace with everything, at least that's how I interpreted it. Maury I thought was solid in his performance. Same goes for Moran, Jonathan Genet, Maritaud, Alouach and the rest of the cast were all solid.

The effects were really good as well. I thought the weapon was a bit much, but it actually fits so well with this film and the motif of homosexuality. What I also like is that it keeps men and women on the table as possible killers. The blood we get looks good and the wounds do as well. We get a few of them so that is solid as well. I also think that Gonzalez shot the hell out of this film. It looks beautiful. I like that the dream sequences are inverted in color. This hides certain things from us as the audience while still giving us a bit of the back-story. The film that Anne is shooting also has an odd dreamlike feel to it. The cinematography here is definitely on point.

That takes me to the last thing to cover which is the soundtrack. I think that M83 did a solid job. It gives that feel that we're back in the 70's, especially in the club scenes. There does seem to be long stretches where there isn't a score, but that does work in building tension. I don't think this will be a soundtrack I will listen to often. I do think that it works for what they needed here for sure.

Now with that said, I'm so glad I didn't sleep on this film any longer. I think that this is a beautiful looking neo-giallo film that's not from Italy. It has a taboo subject that is socially relevant now and placing it back into the time period they did definitely works. The acting is solid across the board with Paradis really doing a great job as our lead. She's such a broken character in is helped to put it back together with this tragedy around her. I think the look of the killer is great, the kills are pretty solid and I think that it is mystery that I didn't find predictable. The soundtrack fits for what was needed and I really dug this overall. I will say that if you have issues with homosexuality, I don't think you will enjoy this, as we get to see a lot of it on screen and that is the crux of the story. If you're an adult and enjoy films with an arthouse flair, give this a viewing especially giallo fans.

Reviewed by davidvmcgillivray-24-905811 7 / 10

Another post-modern giallo from another promising film stylist

The re-make of "Suspiria" has been preceded in the UK by at least two hommages to its creator Dario Argento. In Argentina Endelman and Montejano produced "Crystal Eyes" while in France Yann Gonzalez paid tribute with "Knife + Heart", a perfect choice for a midnight screening at the London Film Festival. "Crystal Eyes" is marginally the more creative work, certainly the camper, but Gonzalez is a great stylist, who knows his slashers and can flawlessly recreate the exploitation era. In 1979 Paris lesbian film-maker Lois (Vanessa Paradis!) makes arty gay porn that suddenly attracts the attention of a masked fiend, who begins murdering her cast. The opening sequence, which intercuts gay skin flicks with real life, sets the tone. "Knife + Heart" is very pro-porn, pro-gay and intensely cinematic. Although Gonzalez is mainly parodying and poking fun here, he's clearly a gifted stylist, choosing great locations and revelling in that "Suspiria" colour scheme. Two thirds of the way through, the daft story takes a dip, but then builds to a rousing finale in which the heroes are the patrons of a gay grindhouse. At the screening I attended people left the cinema during the main end credits, thereby missing the "message" about life and cinema which comes before the end crawl. Some will be appalled at the idea of Paradis starring in a gay slasher. But she throws herself into her work and is a commanding presence throughout despite strong support from everyone. As with "Crystal Eyes" it'll be interesting to see whether "Knife + Heart" can cross over from the festival circuit. If not it'll also be interesting to see what Gonzalez tries next. A talent to watch.

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