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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 84

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Movi3DO 4 / 10


I can't believe as a sub watcher, I watched a foreign language movie in dub. Shame on me. Anyway, I only watch this movie because of a free screening. Pretty much the only incentive to invest in the movie was that Sofia Vergara was voicing.

Nothing surprising about this movie. The story was boring and straightforward. Of course it's made for kids, so I'm not gonna be rough on it. But man it's not even funny or silly enough. Barely any kids in the theater laugh or seem to enjoy the movie. The animation was mediocre as well as the voice acting.

Can't expect much and the only positive thing was that it's not completely cringe. 3.5/10.

Reviewed by sebastianali123 7 / 10

2d refreshing classic animation to its fullest.

Koati is a pretty underrated and good movie that comes to refresh the cinema after so many boring 3D movies with super plastic animation. Although at first it seems like a kind of inspiration from the Lion King, do not be fooled, the plot is very different. With a more or less memorable protagonist who leaves good messages, an excellent animation, and a quite attractive villain (in the literal sense of the word), we would have one that could be considered a classic. However, there are some small flaws, such as characters that seemed to be part of the plot, such as Xochi, who does not add anything to the plot apart from an unnecessary filler at the end of the film, and the story itself is super simple, and the villain Zaina does not have very strong intentions, although at first they implied that she was planning something much bigger. This is also possibly somewhat unpopular, but the Mexican music in the film... is very bad, at least not the compositions themselves, but the problem is that it does not match the tone of the film at all. At least there are not many, and they are not so annoying since they are few and short.

Conclusion: A good movie, a bit underrated, with good ideas, although with unexploited ideas or a bit of unnecessary filler at the end. It was time to have a beautiful 2d movie that stood out on its own merits.

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