La balance

1982 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1182

Keywords:   paris, france, detective, prostitute

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

NOT a movie for the kids but an excellent film nevertheless

I had a tough time giving this an 8 or a 9--it was very close. I finally decided on a 9 because the last 15 minutes of the film are about the most tense and riveting I have ever seen--talk about a suspenseful and satisfying ending! So, what is this movie like? Well, it is a lot like a better written and more interesting episode of "Miami Vice"--complete with blaring early 80s music, living-among-the-scum cops and LOTS of realistic violence. This is definitely NOT a film for the kids, as it is way too sleazy and intense--with hard-core violence, language and sex scenes. While this USUALLY turns me off, it was done so well that I could not stop watching--plus the level of realism seemed very high as the cops, like the bad guys, were prone to screw-ups. And you have to watch it just to see the police chase scene--it's amazing.

FYI--Although I don't know if it was intended, this movie seems to be a reworking of the movie "Kiss of Death"--a great American film noir film.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Thrilling French story about love , chase , money and death

Set in the cobbled, mean streets of the Belleville quarter in París , it deals with a Police brigade led by Inspector Mathias : Richard Berry that compels a couple formed by a prostitute named Nicole : Natalie Baye and her pimp called Dede : Philippe Leotard . The latter on the outs with his gangster boss because of a quarrel over Nicole. The cops force to the crook to be an informer - or Balance in French language or Mule - by leaning on the prostitute he very much loves. As the police officers scramble for a substitute deciding on Dede. As he must double-cross a dangerous gangster : Maurice Ronet and henchman : Tcheky Karyo.

A French thriller , nicknamed "Polar" , with all the usual requisites as betrayals , dispute , shootouts , car chases and lowlife infighting are delivered with great verbe , action-packed and well-paced . It results to be a decent thriller , but what really distinguishes this Polar is the enjoyable strength on the emotional front . Detailing equally a strong police corruption with cops scrambling for a replacement using nasty methods, as coercing and violence to put a heinous squeeze on the starring to be an informant. Develoving a complex intrigue in which loyalties become more and more crossed until treason is the only means to salvation . Main and support cast are pretty good . Philippe Leotard at last breaks his traditional acting to give us a superb interpretation as the racketeer pimp with a heart of glass , while Nathalie Baye is also top-notch as the Parisian streetwalker prostitute in distress. They are well accompanied by a fine French cast, such as : Richard Berry as tough police inspector, Maurice Ronet as mob boss , Tcheky Karyo as a ruthless hoodlum , Christopher Malavay, Francois Berleand, among others.

It contains an evocative and realist cinematogrphy of the French slums and police station by Bernard Zitzermann. The motion picture was well directed by a good craftsman called Bob Swain who has made a few agreeable films with nice casting as "Half Moon Street" with Michael Caine, Sigourney Weaver, "Masquerade" with Rob Lowe, Kim Cattrall , Atlantide, and "Climb" with John Hurt, Gregory Smith . Rating 6/10 . Acceptable and passable , it it will appeal to French thrillers aficionados .

Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Belleville Rendezvous

This is one of those realistic polars where you can't tell the cops from the hoods without a scorecard. The premise is simplicity itself; the star balance (informer) of the Belleville district is assassinated in the first minutes leaving the local cops with a vacancy to fill. Their thinking turns to Dede (Leotard) a small time pimp with only one client (Nathalie Baye) who is reluctant to say the least. The name Dede or its female version Dedee is something of a constant in French movies, in 1948, Simone Signoret played Dedee of Anvers (a hooker) for her then husband Yves Allegret, but that's just an aside. Baye and Leotard had been an item in real-life but had broken up by the time the film was shot largely due to Leotard's drink and drugs problem but the genuine affection between them informs every scene they play together. The main thrust of the plot involves Belleville's Mr 'Big' (Maurice Ronet) and his 'enforcer', Belge, a certified ding-dong (or, if you're French, dingue-dong). Shot by Illinois-born Bob Swaim, this is in the finest tradition of the 'polar' with outstanding ensemble acting - and we really should mention multi-talented Richard Berry as Leotard's nemesis - and a great set-piece involving a multi-car pile up and a shoot-out in the street. Definitely one of the all-time great post-war French polars.

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