La cambiale

1959 [ITALIAN]


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Vittorio Gassman as Michele
Sylva Koscina as Odette Mercury
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Reviewed by Bunuel1976 6 / 10

LA CAMBIALE (Camillo Mastrocinque, 1959) **1/2

I hadn't watched a film with the great Italian comic Toto' (still largely unknown outside his native country) in about 8 months but, during the Summer season, Italian TV always schedules some of his stuff. While none of his countless vehicles is a particularly outstanding film (this happens to be the 50th I've watched in the mere 3 years I've been a fan of his work!), they're generally palatable and sometimes quite pleasant, with the actor's broad gestures and way with dialogue always sure to provide laughs aplenty and the odd moment of inspiration.

This one, however, has the distinction of co-starring two Italian stars of the higher ranks - Vittorio Gassman and Ugo Tognazzi - and the leading lady is "Euro-Cult" favorite Sylva Koscina. An episodic film with a familiar concept involving an IOU made by a corrupt financier, which changes hands numerous times during the course of the narrative, perhaps its best scenes are the (separate) ones in which Toto' - and frequent sparring partner Peppino De Filippi - and Ugo Tognazzi (flanked by Raimondo Vianello) appear - with the most amusing moments being when the latter couple are beaten up after a wrestling match and when the former realize that they will be offering false testimony (for gain) on both sides of a court case!

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