La llorona

2019 [SPANISH]

Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 433

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foxtrot1 9 / 10

More drama than horror, still excellent

The plot summary on IMDb doesn't do this film justice. It's a slow-burn drama about the family of a retired Guatemalan general on trial for war crimes. His daughter, an intelligent and compassionate medical doctor, is finally reckoning with what her father participated in, and her moral struggle expands to the rest of the family. At the same time, the general's sins are coming home to roost in a very literal way.

There is an element of horror here, but I was much more enthralled by the family drama of the piece. Unfortunately, it does copy one thing from other thought-provoking horror films and fails to fully stick the landing. Still a wonderful film and one that I'll think about for a long time to come. Brilliant cinematography and sound design, see it in a well-equipped theatre if you can.

Reviewed by Raven-1969 10 / 10

She Comes to Restore Justice from the Deepest Part of the Mountain

The legend of La Llorona in Latin America is of a woman who was abandoned and became a wandering ghost weeping for her children. It is given an unearthly and uniquely Guatemalan twist here. A once fearsome general whose troops committed atrocities under his command is now elderly, frail and charged with genocide. He is declared guilty and yet freed without punishment. Protestors surround his home. At about the same time a mysterious young woman arrives in the household to take a job that no one else will take. She says her home is in the deepest part of the mountain. Unearthly weeping is heard in the night and perhaps justice will be done.

The Weeping Woman is a powerful, surreal film that shook me to my core. It combines history, politics and myth in a spectacular way. Through enthralling dream sequences and eerie, jarring music La Llorona sheds light on injustice and genocide in Guatemala. Nearly half of the country's indigenous community, which is two thirds of the entire population, was killed in the relatively recent bloodshed. Most were children. Writer-director Bustamante wisely does not rub our faces in the genocide. The subject is handled obliquely. Through the general's wife, daughter and granddaughter the film reveals how the unresolved injustices haunt individuals and nation alike. Future generations are affected by the wounds the present generation ignores. Bustamante is the director of Ixcanul, another amazing film. The Weeping Woman won the best film prize at the Venice film festival and I saw it at the Toronto international film festival.

Reviewed by vesperview 9 / 10

A strong and poignant political reimagining of the legend of La Llorona

In Jayro Bustamante's third feature film, La Llorona, he reimagines the old legend of La Llorona to give it a social and political spin.

The film centers around a paranoid dictator named Enrique, who's based on former Guatemalan president Efraín Ríos Montt. The story really hits home on the subject of genocide and social class in Guatemala. It can he described as a downward spiral where all the characters descend into paranoia and madness and are forced to examine their own prejudices, guilts and shortcomings.

The cinematography is one of the strongest aspects of this movie. The film's gloomy and dark feel is perfectly captured by it, especially in the scenes where the dictator wanders around the house in the middle of the night and during the trial when the victims are testifying.

Maria Mercedes Coroy does an amazing job portraying Alma, "La Llorona", in this story. The creepy stares, the long hair covering her face, every detail is on point. My only issues are with some of the dialogue and acting. Some scenes have really forced and unnatural dialogue and actors like Sabrina de la Hoz and Margarita Kenéfic do not do a good job conveying it. Especially Sabrina, her performance consists on looking confused and worried for almost the entirety of the movie and the moments she speaks the line delivery is so flat. Kenéfic on the other hand, starts out the same way, but her character benefits from some great development that redeems her performance in the end.

Overall, the film does a great job portraying and how indigenous people in Guatemala were victimized by our leaders. Kudos to the filmmakers for daring to touch on these subjects. A lot of people in Guatemala are still scared to dive into these stories, so it's amazing to see it portrayed so bluntly on screen.

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