La orgía nocturna de los vampiros

1973 [SPANISH]

Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gilligan1965 8 / 10

I really like this movie - a very dark and eerie setting!

"Cannibalistic vampires who eat their guests...and, feed their guests (and, their own villagers), to guests...and, who live in a long-gone, archaic town that 'pops-up' every so often!" "WHAT!?!?"

This is one of those very good and quite disturbing European horror movies made in Spain/Italy (and, sometimes in Portugal) in the late-1960s-early-1970s that became a drive-in staple, and, cult-classic! Others are "Mark of the Devil;" "Tombs of the Blind Dead;" "The Hanging Woman;" "The House on Haunted Hill;" "Horror of the Zombies;" "House of Psychotic Women;" etc...and, all of those 'Hammer' horror greats! Let us not forget the forgotten 1966 William Shatner Esperanto classic "Incubus!"

The Europeans really know how to set-the-stage for a fantastically-scary horror film...but, they should...they invented 'The Dark Ages' and 'The Inquisition;' and, their ancestors lived through or died in these (some of my own ancestors surely did, too). They're the 'best' for creepy-old settings; eerie-old castles and buildings; and, adding some 'real' history to old myths and producing great horror films! :)

In the day, these movies were probably looked-upon by adults as 'silly'...but, we horror-fan kids (now, horror-fan adults who're older than our parents were back then), looked upon them as "AWESOME!" I still do! I suppose I never grew up!?!?

I saw this movie at the Memorial Drive-In in West Springfield, Massachusetts, during a 'Dusk-Till-Dawn' movie marathon in the 1970s when I was a kid; and, it made such a creepy impression upon me that I found it later on VHS as a young adult. Now, in my late forties, I still enjoy watching this now and again (especially with my Son who loves horror movies - imagine that!?!?)'s actually a very good movie!

NOTE - it's no small wonder that this movie is being rated so low on IMDb since many of the people doing the rating are expecting a 'sexual' orgy!?!? In this case, "orgy" means 'any actions or proceedings marked by unbridled indulgence of passions - an orgy of killing.'

This movie means a lot to me because I saw it as a child of seven or 8, with my Dad (RIP), and, because of that, I like to reminisce about my childhood because it was a great childhood. Movies like this/these; horror comics; and, "Fangoria" and "Creepshow" magazine; were a big part of my (and, my friends') childhood in our tweens and teens.

If you're a horror-movie fan and haven't seen this, or, any I've listed, please do...and, if you have any suggestions for old horror movies, please, let me know. I've seen a lot of horror movies, probably more than most people, but, I know that I haven't seen them all.

This is very good, and, I give it EIGHT STARS! :)

Reviewed by macabro357 6 / 10

Haunted, flesh-eating Spanish town

Ok so there are no orgies, but who cares?

Hey this one isn't bad at all. Bus load of tourists takes a wrong turn and winds up in a town that at first seems un-inhabited but it turns out is filled with cannibalistic creatures who only come out at night. They're not really vampires but attack their victims en-mass and tear them to pieces. They also disable the bus so the stranded tourists can't escape. After all, we wouldn't want 'din-din' to run away, now would we?

Surprisingly, there's not a lot of gore in this considering the theme, but there's enough creepy atmosphere in this setting that it makes it mildly entertaining. The townspeople chasing the car with Jack Taylor and Dyanik Zurakowska reminds me of the chase scene in the recently released DAGON while the "they aren't to be believed" ending is straight out of TWO THOUSAND MANIACS.

You'll have to see all three of them to know what I'm talking about. Still, I recommend this one if you're into 70s Euro horror and want to see some sexy babes in it. Like Helga Line as the local, blood Countess. She was hot.

DVD is ok although the picture quality isn't anything to rave about, plus there are no extras except a trailer.

It's a few steps above anything Jess Franco was putting out at the time. I liked it. Check it out.

6 out of 10

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

Reasonable Vampire Movie, Awful Music Score

A group of workers is traveling by bus to the town of Bojoni to work for an aristocratic family. The driver has a fulminating heart attack, and the group decides to drive to the near village of Tolnio instead, to spend the night and follow to Bojoni on the next morning. They find nobody in the apparently ghost city, but in the next morning, they meet the hospitable dwellers. Their bus has a problem in the engine, and they have to stay in Tolnio. Sooner they find that they are trapped in a vampire village.

"La Orgía Nocturna de los Vampiros" is a reasonable vampire movie, having also many funny moments. I particularly liked the scenes where meat is served to the hosts; the death of the little girl; the finger in the food of Alma; the vampires chasing the car with Louis and Alma; and the beautiful breasts of Dyanik Zurakowska, with marks of bikini. The conclusion is ridiculous, with Alma and Louis returning to Tolnio immediately after their scary runaway. Unfortunately, the music score of this film is simply awful, dated and not suitable for a horror film. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A Orgia Noturna dos Vampiros" ("The Vampire's Night Orgy")

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