2011 [DANISH]


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Reviewed by Captn-illicities 7 / 10

I did enjoy this! (Long review with details and spoiler)

I am fortunate to have this on DVD and I watched it four times in one day. Many sites have this movie tagged as "Father Daughter Incest", even though there really isn't any. I've also been confused at the many inaccurate external reviews that seemed to have barely touched the surface and describe an entirely different movie than what I saw. The reviews I've read don't reflect the quality of this 73 minute movie. I wanted to explain this to those who might be interested. I'm going to ruin the surprise in detail! (The first paragraph of this is plagiarized from Cannes, a little cut and paste with editing to save time.) The story covers the brief visit of Stella (Stephanie Leon) and her journalist boyfriend, Oskar (Carsten Bjornlund), who traveled from Denmark to see her father for the first time in some years. A well-regarded but reclusive abstract painter, Nathan (Jakob Eklund) lives in a no-frills cottage on the shore of Gotland, a remote, rocky Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, with only his female Labrador dog (Elvira) for company. Stella and Oskar, who dated on-and-off for two years, had at some point decided to visit her father for two reasons. Stella hasn't seen her father for five years but is hiding her pregnancy from both men and she wants to break the news to her father. Her boyfriend Oskar is there to accompany her and to do a "respectful" interview of Nathan for his employer. When the three meet on the island, Nathan kisses Stella on the lips which causes Oskar be skeptical of their relationship. "Relax, he's my dad!", she says. Oskar questioned the lack of resemblance between them. Nathan directs Stella and Oskar away from his shelter to stay in a nearby small R/V trailer. When the two were settling-in she informs Oskar of her pregnancy. With a surprised look Oskar replies with, "How did that happen?" Soon after he asks, "Let's not tell your Dad."

When they return Nathan seems to have animosity towards Oskar and he recognizes the tension from the start. When Stella says they're hungry Nathan tells Oskar he's not going to cook for him and to grab his boat, a dinghy, and go out on the Baltic Sea to catch fish. Stella joins him and when they return empty handed Nathan hands Oskar three frozen fish from storage and asks him to thaw them in the sea instead. While dinner is being prepared Stella goes to feed Elvira and that's when Nathan asks Oskar why he is there with Stella. He then predicts it's because she's pregnant. At this point the competition for Stella becomes more obvious. Through casual conversation Oskar learns of Stella's past with Nathan. He discovers that during the time Stella was conceived Nathan regularly traveled to the Rio Carnival during the months of February and March and his wife never accompanied him. Since Stella was born in November he couldn't be her father. He claimed when Nathan discovered this he went to retreat on an Island in solitude and never told Stella. Nathan refuses to confirm or deny it.

Stella becomes confused but can't confront Nathan so she goes for a walk. Shortly after Oskar tries to find her in the woods as she returns to the R/V alone and finds Nathan there. She walks over to him, grabs him between the legs, kisses him passionately and then aggressively pushes him down on the bed where she mounts on top of him. She reaches down to grab his penis in her hand and is about to guide him inside her when she suddenly dismounts and slaps him on the face. Stella had discovered her father has been competing for her love and his lack of resistance to her is far from what a parent would allow. Together with Oskar she leaves the island but not before hugging her father and having a few private words. On the boat Stella asks Oskar, "could you imagine not being the father of a child that wasn't yours?" to his reply, "Like Nathan? No, I couldn't." She turns her back on him and looks over the ship railing. The End

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