Lady You Shot Me: Life and Death of Sam Cooke



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Boxing_Cat 1 / 10

Lacking FACTS - do NOT recommend.

Sam Cooke was amazing, but this film is full of half truths and speculation. They should have shown some respect for the guy- or are they too riding on his coattails???

I was anticipating a REAL documentary about Sam, instead of gossip and HERESAY. You will NOT hear any of his music! Nothing, nada, none!

They had a paralegal (who had Sam Cooke's picture tattooed all over his body) touting his so-called expertise in all things legal. The guy is a loon and doesn't seem to have any knowledge of how corporations are structured He used an OLD NEWSPAPER CLIPPING to compare with legal documents,--NOT credible source material! As far as Sam being listed as "employee", is not unusual, it's structured as such to provide a means for Sam to collect a salary and pay taxes, ect. Wow, that dude had absolutely no comprehension of these types legal matters.

Boyer (the woman he allegedly kidnapped & attempted to rape) later sued Cooke's estate and was awarded $30,000.00.

Franklin, the manager (who shot him) was on the phone with Carr, (the owner of motel) during the attack. Carr was the one who called the police.

Tests from his autopsy proved Sam was inebriated, which explains a lot.

Both Boyer and Franklin PASSED Polygraph tests with flying colors.

It was mentioned that Sam, because he was successful, would not have gone to a seedy hotel with a prostitute, however it happens time and time again. One example is Hugh Grant - he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

They fail to talk about Sam's life (like 3 other children he had out of wedlock).

Reviewed by imdb-23068 2 / 10

Barely interesting, one sided version of Cooke's death

This was not a biography of Sam Cooke's life. His life is covered in less than five minutes. Its all about the singer's death & what mystery surrounds it. Instead of being an investigative piece, this movie presents only one side. Interviews are with relatives (that were children at the time), friends, co-workers & a fan with Sam Cook's image tattooed on his arm. Anyone that might have a differing opinion either was not interviewed or was not included in this movie. That is my #1 complaint. Falsely trying to present an investigative piece when its not. #2 is they show things that are irrelevant. Pictures of buildings (like a taco stand several times) that did not exist in 1964, and isn't even the same address (I looked it up) as locations being mentioned. They interview extensively someone that credit as Sam Cooke's producer that later states himself as being the Engineer on 90% of his recordings. Producer & Engineer are two different jobs and functions. Things like these question most of this movie and its legitimacy. Skip this movie and go enjoy some Sam Cooke music instead.

Reviewed by jlalvin 7 / 10

Absolutely Missing Facts

Where should I start.... Sam Cooke was the best at what he did and nobody did it better. So he had children out of wedlock didn't we all was that any reason to kill him. Alan Klein stole Sam's whole catalog by listing Sam as an employee and leaving ownership blank ( for a later date) where Alan would list himself as owner. Alan Klein was a protege of a Mr Morris Levy to find out who Morris Levy was just look up Frankie Lymon and the teenagers also Mr. Levy was connected to the Genovese crime family. Sure Alan had forged Sam's name on some documents and had changed the name of Sam's company from Tracy (Sam's daughter) to Abkco What I wanted to know is how was Alan aloud to get away with this and still be allowed to keep the material he stole isn't that theft by deception. Ask Mick Jagger and the Stones how they feel about Alan Klein or why didn't somebody from Sam's family put a bullet in this mans head. Alan Klein stole a lot of material from a lot of artists and I believe 100 percent he had Sam Cooke murdered

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