Land of Fear

1999 [ARABIC]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 8.1 10 1546


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by regreting_saint 8 / 10

An exquisite work of art

An exquisite work of art by the director. Ahmad Zaki was magnificent as usual. Although the movie is set on drug dealing background, it has a very complex psychology in it. The movie discusses deep involvement in fake life matters and the fact that people may believe the lies they had created and doubt their own true life. The movie shows how confused a person could get when he starts to doubt who he is, and how desperate one can get to find himself an identity even if this identity didn't match his real personality. This movie must be watched!!

Reviewed by mohammedhany 10 / 10

The story of humanity

A great movie. A blockbuster of all time. This film was nominated to the Academy Awards (Oscar), but it didn't make it to the shortlist because the raw film was UNFORTUNATELY so poor.

However, Daoud Abdulsayed is a great director and he keeps on astonishing me every time he gives us a masterpiece. In this movie, which is a superb work on philosophy, Abdulsayed reviews the story of humanity as it was told in the three main religions in a simple yet admirable way, benefiting from the great performance of the great Ahmed Zaki.

The movie is full of symbolism, from using Adam as a code name for the undercover agent Yehia El Manqabadi, to Moses (the senior officer receiving his letters, then meeting him in the mosque). Also, you'll note Adam eating the Apple, while listening to his commander's orders regarding his mission, and the abstract that Yehia must die to give all the others the chance to live, with all its intersection with the tale of Jesus.

You'll never solve all the symbols in this movie, but you'll enjoy it, whether you like brain teasing or you just want to see an action movie.

This is a MUST-SEE film.

Reviewed by AmO_MithrandiR 10 / 10

A tour into the underworld through the a Police-Officer/ Criminal

Well, if you haven't seen this movie, don't hesitate, do it at once,, this is one of the most important Egyptian movies i have ever seen, it could've been the best but for the limited effects, which could've been a a big drawback if it was not for the brilliant director ( Dawood Abdel Sayed).

Ahmed Zaky still proves himself to be the most talented actor in Egypt, you can easily see it from the way he looks, he speaks or the way he moves. the script is perfect is shows the real changes in the main character "Yehia", and the world around it,, My favorite scene , is when Ahmed Zaky (Yehia) Discovers that all the time he was sending his information to a mail man, who collects them in his office, doing nothing with them, you can feel all the bitterness and anger through the eyes of Ahmed Zaky, you would even feel it. Again don't hesitate to watch and certainly enjoy that movie

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