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Desean Terry as Will
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Mark Duplass as Adam
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Reviewed by ferguson-6 7 / 10

are you there?

SXSW 2021 Greetings again from the darkness. The use of video chats as a plot device might have been a bit more adventurous 18 months ago, but oddly, the pandemic and our familiarity with this type of communication (out of necessity) actually works to strengthen this interesting film. It's the feature film directorial debut of Natalie Morales, who co-wrote the script with Mark Duplass, and the two co-star as the only characters we see on screen.

Ms. Morales plays Carino, a Costa Rica-based Spanish teacher hired by Adam's (Duplass) husband Will (an unseen DeSean Terry). An awkward first lesson - Lesson #1 of 100 in the package - includes Adam's morning routine of hot/cold dips in the pool and spa in the backyard of his luxurious home. Director Morales labels the lessons throughout, and no, we thankfully don't see all 100. After a personal tragedy occurs, the teacher-student dynamic shifts and becomes more therapy before settling into a strange friendship.

Between lessons, Adam and Carino exchange many personal messages, many littered with entirely too many "I'm sorry" lines in an attempt to avoid overstepping boundaries. Adam is forthcoming with his personal feelings, while Carino bounces between trying to stay professional and wanting to bond. It's clear she is hiding details of her personal life, while rarely discouraging Adam from over-sharing. The frequent personal messages reveal more about each character than the scheduled meetings, but combined they work very well.

The charisma of Duplass and especially Morales allow us to care very much about this relationship. They are both charming, and Morales has the most fun in the drunk birthday song scene. She is to be commended for taking such a simple structure and creating an interesting movie that proves people need connection - whether in person, through masks, or via Zoom.

Reviewed by kaitisher 9 / 10

Well acted story of a modern friendship

I watched the movie tonight on the recommendation of a friend. I'm a Mark Duplass fan, and Natalie Morales was a terrific surprise. The story is very human, and if you've ever chatted with a stranger online or taken a language lesson with iTalki or other service, you'll recognize the chemistry.

Definitely worth a watch.

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