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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jack Slater
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Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 5 / 10

Second or possibly even Third tier McTiernan (possible minor spoilers)

Danny Madigan (Austin O'Brien) is a young boy who skips school and spends a lot of time at the cinema watching his favourite movie star Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Nick (Robert Prosky) is a kindly old man who works as a projectionist at the cinema whom innocently hands Danny a magic ticket - Nick is somewhat sceptical about this supposed magic ticket and innocently gives the ticket to Danny. However, Danny soon learns that the ticket is very real when he finds himself transported into his favourite action star's world...

Clearly, Last Action Hero is intended as a bit of fun and one feels that McTiernan was poking fun out of the action genre - which incidentally is a genre that made him a very big name. This approach works in the first half (when Danny is transported into Slater's world and he's trying to convince Slater that his own existence and everything around him isn't real). Unfortunately, despite the numerous celebrity cameos and the odd in-jokes and nods and winks, this film falls short when it chooses to focus on plot and story (which seem to unfold in real time when Danny becomes part of the movie). It's from this point forward that the film seems to lose a lot of its irony and becomes another weak action film - perhaps that was the point, but it doesn't make for a particularly entertaining film.

Worse follows in the second half when McTiernan abandons most of the fun when Slater arrives in the real world in New York. From this point on McTiernan plays it far too straight and carries on as though he's directing a serious action film - he seems to forget that the film is supposed to be fun. Mega star Slater arrives in Hollywood where he is a household name but no-one seems to recognise him. Wouldn't it have been funnier and more satirical if he was stopped everywhere he went for an autograph or a photograph whilst he was in his pursuit of justice??

Having said all that, the film certainly has some fun moments and does have some nice nods and winks - Robert Patrick cameos as the T1000 and in the movie-world we have Sylvester Stallone on a Terminator 2: Judgment Day film poster (a character whom Arnie himself famously portrayed). There is also an ET spoof with the bike riding through the sky, but many of the stronger moments are in the first half and I couldn't help but feel that the concept was starting to run out of steam by the 1 hour mark.

Last Action Hero isn't a bad film and is one that I would say is watchable (it does provide basic escapism and is fairly undemanding). However, I also felt that it was never as fun as it could have been and is also far too long, the story is weak and it loses some of its satirical edge in its second half. As the saying goes it's close but no cigar...

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 7 / 10

Unfairly bashed film

I really don't understand why this movie gets so much flack, it's really a great idea and fun critique of Hollywood movies. Maybe it was too ahead of its time and maybe it still is, but I enjoyed it a lot. Arnold Schwarzenegger was extremely brave and humble to joke about himself and the movies he tends to be in, just a testament to someone who appreciates all they have. All the cameos and film references are some great touches and I love the cheesy over the top sequences and dialogue. I think the overall message is good; while Hollywood isn't an accurate representation of the world, it's still an important part of our culture and a way for us to see life as we wish it was.

Reviewed by mike48128 8 / 10

The "Airplane" of Action Hero Movies

The use of a "Magic Ticket" years before the first "Willie Wonka" movie! A stolen premise from "The Purple Rose of Cairo". Of course a projected fictional character cannot walk off the screen into "real life" and someone can't walk onto a film. "The Slasher" pushes "Jack Slater's son" over the fatal edge of a tall building and that's a very unfunny beginning. Great explosions, fire, special effects, and stunts. At it's best when it's acting like the comic book hero movie "Dick Tracy" or the campy version of "Batman". Almost too many cameos and "walk-ons" to count. Basically a "set-up" for numerous and preposterous "action hero stunts" each about 20 minutes long. The dumbest yet most ambitious involves a cliché mobster funeral on the roof of a Hyatt Regency hotel. Hundreds of "extras" dressed as gangsters blast Jack Slater with hundreds of Tommy Guns, and of course he doesn't die. Ironically, "The Grim Reaper" pops out of a movie and saves the day. Caught up in "the real world", Jack Slater must find his way back to his imaginary movie world where his mortal wound becomes "just a scratch", of course! Arnold pretty much plays an exaggeration of himself and it's a perfect vehicle for him. On repeated viewing, it is paradoxically more enjoyable yet more stupid. I love the "trained" Doberman Dogs. Like "Airplane" some of the jokes are brilliant and some are not funny at all. Why has no other reviewer mentioned that "Oddjob" from "Goldfinger" is villain Benedict's henchman and that every woman in the fantasy world is a "babe" including Jack Slater's "daughter"? For fans of mindless action hero movies!

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