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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kristenciba 10 / 10

Beautifully Told Story

This movie so multi-faceted that I don't even know where to begin! So as to not spoil any aspect of the movie, I'm going to be as non-descript as possible :-)

The writing is so beautifully and eloquently portrayed by Daved and Sarah that you're truly drawn in from the get go. They truly take you on the journey with both of their respective storylines and allow you to feel the intensity of the overall story as their lives converge. Between the two of them, you're constantly feeling the sorrow from one storyline and the hope from the other character.

The music and scoring continually reflected the tone of the story. There were times when not having sound or music was so critical to what was happening that showed the genius of the writers, producers, and music/sound department/s.

Without looking to spoil anything, the ending was so incredible. The through-provoking nature allows the audience to both (a) develop the next step in the story for both characters and (b) see how people and society are impacted without evening it.

All in all, it has been a very long time that a movie has truly shown how the internal and external struggles people are faced with everyday can be changed with a random interaction, or rather... phone call.

Reviewed by courtneyj-admit1 9 / 10

A great Canadian film

Last call is one of those films that sits with you for a while after you watch it. It has a lot to say in a realistic way and a clever approach. Hats off to the actors and film maker for finding such harmony with the one shot / split screen perspective.

The film deals with subject matter that I think we can all relate to. Everyone has experienced depression at some point ... in some capacity. Last call gives us a lot to think about. It's a beautiful movie.

Reviewed by joshbarton15 8 / 10

Be sure to seek this one out if you can.

Last Call is a drama from Gavin Michael Booth presented in a split-screen format over real time across two long takes shot simultaneously. It's certainly a method of presentation I've never witnessed for an entire feature before and it's one I won't forget in a hurry. Last Call tells the story of Scott (Daved Wilkins), a bitterly alone man, who phones the suicide prevention hotline one night and ends up, through a misdial, speaking with Beth (Sarah Booth), a janitor of a local community college.

Last Call deals with such a sensitive subject matter such as suicide in an incredibly emotional and respectful manner, Gavin Michael Booth and Daved Wilkins writing a narrative that slowly reveals more to the audience and in doing so becomes more heart-breaking with each passing minute.

It's an ambitious film in its execution, Seth Wessel-Estes' cinematography a great asset to the film, keeping the audience with these two characters as they go through a phone call taht will change their lives. It took me a while to take to the split-screen approach but once I did I was captivated with the entire thing and how it would unfold. Adrian Ellis' score also adds another layer of emotion to proceedings.

At the forefront of Last Call lies to contrasting yet equally as impressive performances from Sarah Booth and Daved Wilkins. Booth in particular has the more demanding role and she showcases a fantastic range of emotions throughout, making her a character to reallt get behind. That doesn't mean Wilkins just sits back and lets Booth do all the work because there is much more to his performance than just sounding depressed, leading to Scott becoming a character you don't want to see any harm come to.

Sadly, many people take their own lives each year so raising awareness by any means necessary is important. Last Call is an incredibly relevant film for this reason and one that you should seek out.

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