Last Man Standing


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
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Bruce Willis as John Smith
Leslie Mann as Wanda
Lin Shaye as The Madame
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Reviewed by Samiam3 6 / 10

Macho, stylish but not very brainy, medium good film

For Last Man Standing, director Walter Hill relocates Kurosawa's Yojimbo to depression era America in a dusty desert town. There is something arguably distinctive about the flick. Perhaps it is the merger of gangster and western; something seldom seen in movies. Or perhaps it is the way that Hill's visual portrayal of a time and place seems flawless. Last Man Standing has an exceptionally retro look to it, very crusty and dusty, and also very macho.

The problem with Last Man Standing comes down to it's roots. Once you've seen Yojimbo, Last Man Standing doesn't feel all that special. Hill never chooses to break free of the Kurosawa structure, so his film is predictable from the get go. Having said that, even if you know the outcome of the trip, part of the journey is worth while. As an action film, Last Man Standing delivers in spectacular fashion. The fight scenes are staged with a sense of gusto and texture; something is often denied to the majority of such scenes in other movies.

When Last Man Standing is in adrenaline mode it works, but when it comes to the talky segments, it feels painfully stiff. The acting style is flat, and everybody delivers their lines with the same sour expression, which Hill seems quite fond of considering how many facial close ups he uses.

In the end, the movie has a little something to offer. It's recommendable on some grounds, but it needs a bit more brain and less brawn.

Reviewed by Mad_Doctor_Tom 7 / 10


Hard to believe no one reviewer made the connection between this movie, and the 2 I believe this to be remakes of sorts, 1] A Fistful Of Dollars -1964 & 2] For A Few Dollars More -1965., both from Clint's classic Man With No Name Collection.

If you liked this then you should watch the 2 originals along with The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly as well as Hang' Em High - 1968.

Looking forward to the thoughts of those reviewers and other after they watch the aforementioned Clint Eastwood movies and compare them to Bruce Willis' entry of Last Man Standing.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Two sides to every war

Was not expecting much from 'Last Man Standing'. Despite a good cast on paper and a competent director who did generally deserve a better reputation, its reception at the time was mixed to negative and today is not much better (though as one has seen with many films audience reaction has been a little kinder to it over time).

Seeing it for myself when it aired last night, will admit to expecting the worst having heard more bad things than good. Including a long-running magazine that mostly gets a lot of respect from me when it comes to film critiquing, even when we're not always on the same page, that tore it to shreds. 'Last Man Standing' turned out to be a heavily flawed film and to me a not particularly good one but actually found it not that bad a film. Do agree with a lot of the criticisms against it, well almost all, but 'Last Man Standing' does have things in its favour (that have been mentioned in previous reviews here) and there are far worse films out there.

'Last Man Standing' does have good things. Personally thought the look of the film was good, not always attractive and often very darkly bleak but then again it's not an attractive story that it has, it's very stylishly shot and cohesively edited with costumes and sets that are both evocative and brooding. Nice to see mention of the music score, which is very soothing in the opening sequence and although relatively understated fits well, and of the beautifully poetic opening sequence.

Not all the performances are bad, though most are not great at all to put it lightly. Christopher Walken has a lot of fun as the villain and is rightly hissable, the best actor in 'Last Man Standing' by quite some way and one of few that seems to be trying. He is also a strong contender for the film's best assets. Bruce Dern also tries hard.

Bruce Willis conversely is a completely flat lead, he doesn't look interested at all and when he's trying to be gritty he has two expressions, those of looking constipated and looking like he's half asleep. Most of the supporting cast are completely wasted in severely underwritten roles that fail to stand out from similar ones of their kind in the genre. The narration has been universally panned and for good reason, it is far too over-explanatory, serves very little point and is delivered terribly.

After a promising start, 'Last Man Standing' has moments of tension and fun but mostly uses every Sergio Leone-indebted cliché in the book and drags them out until they are no longer interesting, the pacing suffers as a result with a lot of it being sluggish. The un-originality (with a strong influence of Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa's 'Yojimbo') of the story can be forgiven, the dullness, ridiculousness and that it takes itself far too seriously with the bleak atmosphere often laid on too thick can't be. The script is stilted, especially the narration, the action occasionally excites but generally it's clumsy and pedestrian and the downbeat ending is so indifferently done, intelligence insultingly ridiculous and very anti-climactic.

In summation, not awful but not great or even good. A little better than has been reputed but to me it is very easy to understand the critical reaction. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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