Last Train to Christmas


Comedy / Fantasy

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Cary Elwes as Roger Towers
Natalie Mitson as Valerie
Holly Earl as Auntie Vi
Robin Askwith as Tristan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joachimokeefe 7 / 10

Sliding Doors meets Groundhog Day meets It's A Wonderful Life

In 1985, a pretty obnoxious club owner (based on Peter Stringfellow) on a train to Nottingham discovers that moving between train carriages takes him forwards and backwards into potential universes, based on his actions in the past. A lot of nostalgic product callbacks.

Martin Sheen nails it of course, the supporting cast do too. Spot the changing railway livery (which 'Dunkirk' utterly failed on btw). The final black-and-white scenes are an obvious homage to Xmas redemption movies immemorial, and it works - thought the ending is a bit too tantalizing, you have to imagine for yourself who the person meeting him at his destination is and no more. For that, it bears repeat viewing, I guess.

My problem with LTTX is the way that it is completely (well, 99%) based within train carriages, which gets a bit claustrophobic - well, limiting. Even Murder On The Orient Express took a break.

A re-watchable Xmas movie, none the less.

Reviewed by kris-gray 7 / 10

Loved it, until......

The ending.

I love alternate history, time travel films like this. It got a bit confusing with so many different time lines but I managed to keep up. Nice cameos from Penelope Wilton, John Thompson and fab to see that Confessions star Robin Asquith.

However it was wonderful right up to the last minute when he gets off the train to meet, well who did he meet? I'm sorry but I found that just a bit too frustrating. Was it Roger? Was it Sue? Was it Father Christmas? Grrrrr so 10 Stars for everything else, 3 stars off for the ending.

I'd still watch it again though, Michael Sheen is fab.

Reviewed by peterrichboy 7 / 10

It's a wonderful Christmas train life

There is no doubt, there are elements of some classic Christmas films used in last train to Christmas. Whether it be a Christmas Carol, It's a wonderful life and a touch of sliding doors thrown in. First and foremost this is Michael Sheen's film. He is in every scene playing same person at various stages of his life had things turned out different between himself and his brother/nephew.

There is plenty to enjoy here with some enjoyable cameo appearances from the likes of Hayley Mills, John Thompson and Phyllis Logan. The only disappointment which stops me from giving it a higher mark, was the confusing ending. 7/10.

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