Late Night Double Feature


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 1366

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tylergerard 2 / 10

Late night wasted double time!

I was very disappointed when I saw this as I was looking forward and expecting some great ideas in the newly supposed features, I think my own son could have wrote better and he is only 9 years old. It started off quite good expecting something more but as time goes on you realize its not worth your money or time,i give respect to the writer and director but as it goes on its like late night sleeping pill that works very well for my deluxe. I think you should pas on this one,it may entertain only the few dull under the influence of boredom. look for something like TFT Crpyt keeper as he is the original not this,rant over as I am looking out for my fellow horror fans.

Reviewed by rhardy-390-701341 2 / 10

Millennials films....

Welcome to the new era of bad movies with high ratings !

Now, this is not the same as it used to be, where people who were fans of B flicks. Oh no, this is on a MUCH GREATER level of WTF!?!?!

The new phase of millennial movie pleasure stems from the worst equate to the better. Bad acting IS a plus. WTF?!?!?! CGI, gore,blood or any prosthetic that looks like an arm from a department store equates to sheer pleasure for this audience of viewers.

The movie, for those of you born prior to 1982, is horrid. Bad acting, worst effects and a plot that...well, simply does not exist :) Imagine HOSTEL level gore with cigarette money investment.

I understand these appeal to a newer group of viewers that even B fans shake their heads at, but how to rectify this ? IMDb needs another CHECK BOX group beside reviews :)

A simple click your star does not suffice. There needs to be ANOTHER bar that indicates age. So when you see 900 people give it a 8 star and are 17-24 and then see that 500 people give it a 3 or lower are 30-50, you then have a VIABLE option when considering the "Am I wasting money or am I paying for what I MAY view as entertainment"

If you like basement level movies, this is for you ! If you like horror along the lines of "The Strangers" or "Wolf Creek" (We already know it's no Hostel) then this is NOT for you.

This is one of those movies that is SO BAD it will not be considered "Worst" of a period because of the minimal funds invested to make it. Yes, this is more like a class project that someone suckered an investor for and the bulk of the funds were spent on beer bongs and prostitutes.

BUT ! If you ARE a "Silly/bad" millennial horror fan, this one should tickle you pink!

Reviewed by kateannegrierson 9 / 10

Horror and Humour

This film is both a campy and tongue in cheek roller coaster ride. It's great fun and a true hats off to themes and styles of the horror flicks of the 50 and 60's. The anthology format keeps things moving along and the interwoven story line is a clever approach. Keep your sense of fun when you watch this one! Totally enjoyed!

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