Latin Hitman



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Damian Chapa as Ramos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fin-123-472581 2 / 10

Oddly compelling.

Shocking dialogue, C rate acting, comical fight choreography & cartoon effects... throw in some Irish travellers and a masterpiece is born.

Five minutes into this freakish movie, one is faced with the inescapable ponderance: How does this exist & who is responsible - surely the main protagonist is well-off and self-financing this calamity in some vainglorious attempt to reclaim 80's cool or some such?

Well, there may well be some truth to that as our star, Mr Chapa also produces and directs. Not content with soiling his own name, it would seem he enlisted his son, who acts and has a sole cinematography credit, to also bask in the stench.

Chapa's biography also makes for equally fantastical reading.

Interestingly and most probably wisely, no one has taken credit for writing this opus.

Special thanks are given however to Nero Vodka which is shamelessly plugged on-screen & no doubt many a case was consumed during production.

IDK, this is one of those "it is so bad, it's good" movies. I am glad that I stook it out to the end & it was highly entertaining.

Recommend, especially under any influence

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