Le marginal

1983 [FRENCH]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2489

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Tchéky Karyo as Francis Pierron
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Commissaire Philippe Jordan
Henry Silva as Sauveur Meccacci
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stuka24 8 / 10

Another winner!

With Belmondo as with many of the things that matter, either you love him or you don't. I do, and it comes in the family, so be forewarned :).

There are films that demand not to be analyzed. This is one. Belmondo is a cop who behaves like a gangster to, well, get the gangsters behind bars. His code of ethics wouldn't win medals in any police academy, even a Third World's. Speaking of which, the way we see Marseille, it could well be Turkey or Bolivia :). Facts are not stylized, our hero kills and fails to be killed just by chance. You feel the danger, for instance, when he gets into a squatter's den in order to rescue the daughter of somebody whom he put into jail. He's a hardened man, always with a good blunt answer: "You should have thought about this before!" is what he says to this man when he moans that his daughter has been caught by this delinquents. But then, he gets the victim out of trouble, from an environment that makes his real "nemesis" look less menacing.

Morricone's score doesn't disappoint, as usual. "Beautiful, elegant, tense, suffocating and full of melodrama" (written by Paul Werkmeister "miser42" on Amazon).

It's difficult not to compare this to the masterwork of the genre: THE PROFESSIONAL. While it remains at the top, this would make a great 2nd best, specially if you don't want to get emotional at the end.

Pierre Vernier makes a great if unusual (and thus, welcome) sidekick. Like Jordan, sometimes he doesn't need to utter a word to answer. Henry Silva is finely cast.


Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10

Belmondo is great throughout

This is really nothing very special but tells its story efficiently enough and is packed with action. Some time after about the halfway mark, I began to get a little restless as we went through yet another rather predictable punch up but then the film changes gear and we are off to a laid back but pleasing denouement. Belmondo is great throughout, aged 50 at the time and if he really did do all those stunts as we are told it is remarkable. What with crossing motorways and dodging the traffic and leaping out of trains and a helicopter and the impressive Paris car chase, this is one massive performance and still remaining his iconic self with that twinkle in the eye. Henry Silva, five years older than Belmondo has less to do but still helps give the film its gravitas. The Morricone score is fine and even sounds really 80's at times, although I'm not sure that's a good thing. Plenty of attractive location shooting in both Marseille and Paris and plenty also of pretty girls along the way. Nothing profound here but a well made and tough action movie.

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 6 / 10

THE OUTSIDER (Jacques Deray, 1983) **1/2

Just as Jean-Paul Belmondo's THE PROFESSIONAL (1981) recalled the Charles Bronson 'loner' action vehicles, this one evokes memories of Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" cop shows…which, by extension, connects it to the Italian poliziotteschi – of which the American co-star of THE OUTSIDER, Henry Silva, was a regular! Anyway, Belmondo is a maverick cop up against drug kingpin Silva: he intercepts a consignment of heroin (chasing the speedboat transporting it via helicopter), but the criminal's influence with city officials gets him transferred from Marseille to a low-life district! As was the case with the earlier film, the credits take care to establish the fact that the ageing star performed his own (often dangerous) stunts; in fact, every fifteen minutes or so, he's seen getting into a scuffle, a chase or a shoot-out – without necessarily advancing the main plot.

Still, in spite of the protagonist's superficial nonchalance, he's shown to have a heart: befriending a hooker, saving a convict's teenage daughter from life as a junkie, and paternally overseeing the 'legitimate' activity of a young small-time crook; when the latter opposes Silva's offer of 'protection' and winds up dead, the conflict between policeman and racketeer becomes a personal one. Mind you, the overall handling is anything but subtle – and blatantly commercial (why else would we be treated to the excess of sleaze on display, including an irrelevant excursion at a gay club?)! The film features another Ennio Morricone score which virtually hinges on a single catchy riff, though it's not quite as haunting as his work on THE PROFESSIONAL. The R2 DVD I rented also featured an Audio Commentary by director Deray which was, unfortunately, unsubtitled and enticing theatrical trailers for two other films Belmondo made for director Philippe De Broca, LE MAGNIFIQUE (1973) and L'INCORRIGIBLE (1975).

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