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Reviewed by godisthelight-07452 1 / 10

If I could give it 0 stars I would

Stick to the facts so here is my review:

1. There is not a documentary about Michael Jackson as the term documentary refers to a programme which relies on factual evidence on a particular subject. The programme on TV is a work of fiction and if I am going to spend 2 hours of my life watching a fictional programme I will watch a Harry Potter movie or catch up on The Originals. False allegations of Child sex abuse is not my genre of choice.

Here are few of the reasons I KNOW this is a work of fiction:

1. Safechuck's mother danced when she heard Michael died in 2009 as he would never be able to harm another child. However, Safechuck himself said he did not recall the "abuse" until 2013.

2. Michael cut off Safechuck when he was an adolescent and had nothing more to do with him yet there are photos of him with Michael and Lisa-Marie as an adult.

3. Robson and Safechuck both swore under Oath that nothing untoward ever happened between them and Michael Robson spent 20 years forging a career based on his friendship with Michael. These claims only came out after the statute of limitations expired and incidentally, Robson got rejected for being the lead choreographer on the Cirque de Soleil MJ show.

4. Robson said he decided to testify for Michael after attending a dinner with him and seeing the impact to 2005 trial was having on him. However, he failed to mention this dinner was AFTER he testified and Michael's Family and friends were also present. Thomas Mesereau (Michaels attorney) has stated that he did not allow Michael to speak to any of the witnesses prior to testifying to ensure the prosecution could not use this against him.

5. Robson claimed the Michael kept him away from Women, yet Michael hooked him up with his own niece Brandi who dated him for 7 years. Surely if Michael was abusing him he would not then allow him to become close to his own niece.

6. Robson claims he was a loyal friend to Michael...he was also friends with Justin Timberlake and then slept with his girlfriend (cry me a river?) and was friends with Prince then slept with his wife - Great friend.

7. Both Robson and Safechuck filed a $1.6billion lawsuit against the estate which was thrown out of court for according to the Judge there was not any factual evidence.

8. Robson tried to then write a book which no one picked up. Hence the fictional programme that is on TV tonight.

9. In the programme, Robson burns Michael memorabilia, however, renowned auctioneers Julian's auctions have confirmed that Robson sold his collection to them and asked them to sign a secrecy agreement because he was broke.

The "director" of this programme did not interview 1 of the countless people who knew Michael and have defended him as good stories about Michael don't make money or create headlines.

No one talks about the hundreds of millions he donated to charities around the world. No one talks about the love and compassion he showed people that he did not know.

So if you really have nothing better to do by all means watch the programme but do it the same way you would watch a Harry Potter film... know that Hogwarts isn't real and Michael is not a monster.

Facts don't lie. People do.

''Parvinder Randolph-Avah''

Reviewed by sarahthiel-86261 1 / 10

Not a 'documentary'

What upsets me the most about this movie is that it's being called a 'documentary'. By definition a documentary is "a film or television or radio programme that provides a factual report on a particular subject." Leaving Neverland is non of that. Not once does the movie (I'm going to call it 'movie' from now on, because that's what it is.) provide any official document from either James Safechuck's or Wade Robson's lawsuit. It doesn't provide one piece of evidence that supports their claims of being sexual abused by Michael Jackson. (James Safechuck has a box of jewelry that Michael Jackson allegedly gave to him for sexual acts. However, no proof that it was given to him as a child.) On top of that, we're only hearing on side of the story. Over and over again. Director Dan Reed recently admitted in an interview that he didn't want to interview others, because it would complicate the story. That's absolutely unethical considering that Leaving Neverland implies that Macaulay Culkin and Brett Barnes were Robson's and Safechuck's "replacement". Culkin and Barnes vehemently deny that they were ever abused by Jackson. This movie is basically four hours of two families blaming every family problem they ever had on Michael Jackson and two men painting a whole different picture of Jackson as an abuser. (Safechuck describes him as a paranoid abuser that coached him how to put on his clothes as fast as he could in case someone catches them during the abuse, whereas Robson claims that he was abused everytime they were together and even when his mum was next door.) What this film does have is drone shots of random places (mostly not related to what they are talking about) and random pictures of Michael Jackson in a red shirt. If they cut these drone shots and red-shirt-pictures the movie would have been over in two hours. My conclusion: it's not worth anybody's time. The length is absolutely not justified and this whole movie is based on the word of two perjurers.

Reviewed by freyavioletlocke 1 / 10

Proven as lies

Whether you are an MJ fan or not, is irrelevant, when you are capable of research. There have been so many parts of this film shown to be false that it is unbelievable it is still being shown anywhere. True - the story of it is shocking. It plays on the viewer's natural and right revulsion when they are presented with abuse. But it is precisely that - a shocking story. Proven to be nothing but. I suggest watching Danny Wu's "Square One", or "Chase the Truth", or "LeavingNeverland: The Aftermath" amongst others, where ACTUAL EVIDENCE of these men's lies is given. These men have done so much damage to real victims of abuse it is crazy - they should not be given the time of day, let alone a platform.

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