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Reviewed by jboothmillard 8 / 10

Lee Evans: Roadrunner - Live at the O2

In the last decade, with shows Wired & Wonderful - Live at Wembley, XL Tour in Cardiff and Big - Live at the O2 the highly physical and sweating funny man was at the top of his game, and nothing has changed with this top notch live stand up comedy show. The show opens with a short cartoon, with the deep and distinguished voice of Redd Pepper, showing the history of early man in the dawn of time, and the forgotten species known as Chimpius Sweatius, or Sweaty Chimp Boy, the caveman who struggled with the basic skills of survival, such as hunting, fire, finding a mate, inventing travel, and he evolves into the real man we all know and love. Lee Evans performs his hilarious routine of observational and physical comedy to another massive and sold out audience live at the O2 Arena in London, with more material that is true to life, satirising and ultimately really funny. Topics include panicking and rushing, women, restaurants and food (Nando's, hot food, cold things), advertising, sport (cricket, javelin, basketball, cage fighting with a budgie, running, Sports Direct and The Jeremy Kyle Show, formula one racing, golfing, paint balling, horse riding), cars (driving, breakdowns and punctures, mechanics, cleaning, directions), football (referees, substitutes, goal keepers, medics, fake injuries), clipboard charity collectors, shopping (browsing, HMV, Ikea with chairs and carrying boxes), television (news broadcasts, Babestation and glamour models, Embarrassing Bodies, Gok Wan), women and a wife's weird habits, weddings (beginning, dinner, the bride and groom, best man speech, toddler wandering, disco and dancing), communication, animals and birds, trains, banks and bankers, business and financial services and people he hates (insurance companies, estate agents, solicitors, high court judges), airports (bags, gates, planes, seating, flying, going on holiday), accountants; cleanliness, looking after yourself and examinations (germs, doctors, injections, dentist, opticians), getting older and elderly relatives, going to the toilet and having a colonoscopy and much more. It ends as usual with a fantastic final song by Evans that he sings and plays himself, and this combined with all the rest adds up to another unmissable watch, fantastically wonderful fun. Lee Evans was number 23 on 100 Greatest Stand-Ups, and he was number 14 on Britain's Favourite Comedian. Very good!

Reviewed by GailTaplin-98447 10 / 10

If you need to cheer yourself up.....this is fabulous. I couldnt breathe!!!

I love Lee Evans and it is Comedy's loss that he retired when he did, but he couldn't have kept going at the pace he was going. He puts so much into a performance. Incredible, unbelievably funny. There were several places in this performance where I was laughing so suddenly and hard that my tummy muscles, hurt, my jaw almost locked because I couldnt breathe through laughing and crying.

I never knew he was a musician and composer too.....a very talented guy. He is a comedy treasure and pure gold. I will be keeping this DVD to watch again in the future. Absolutely recommended.

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