Legend of the Broken Sword Hero

2017 [THAI]


IMDb Rating 5.6 10 234

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eiriksterminator 5 / 10

If you want a cool martial arts movie, look elsewhere.

If you want a cool martial arts movie, look elsewhere. This movie is mostly nothing but slow motion stuff, and even when it's not, the normal fighting is really slow. As a huge fan of the genre, I've watched hundreds of Asian martial arts movies, and this one is not very entertaining to me. Plot is also pretty weak of course, but then that's fairly normal with many movies in this genre. Anyway, I recommend looking elsewhere for your martial arts fix. If you want a good martial arts movie (action wise, not necessarily plot wise) that is mainly about Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), such as this one, then go watch Warrior King, and the Ong Bak movies.

Reviewed by axelstewart 4 / 10


It was worth watching for free, and I won't give it any more than that. The film felt like every plot line was underdeveloped, which is an achievement. Trope-ridden at best, and just totally uncharismatic otherwise. All of the side characters were more interesting than the main character, who was essentially only concerned with becoming a better fighter and calling people master, which started to get disturbing toward the end. While this isn't a critique of the film, I was also kinda shocked at how off-center the English title of the film "Broken Sword Warrior." The breaking of the sword happens inconsequentially in an unexplained fight sequence within the last 60 seconds of the movie. I hadn't been that disappointed in the disconnect between film and title since watching "I Eat Your Skin." It also feels like the composer wrote every piece of music in the movie in sequence as well, and learned a significant amount about writing a soundtrack along the way. The opening theme was both generic and dissonant. While they do get some things right - occasionally some good humor or characters doing what they should in interesting ways - the dull parts and poor editing are unjustifiable.

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