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Mira Sorvino as Keyt
Gabriel Byrne as Parker
Christian Berkel as Vinkelmayer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donb-519-335075 9 / 10

A city starves to death

Mira Sorvino plays a Russian born journalist from Britain who gets trapped in the besieged city of Leningrad during WWII. I recently completed a book called Armageddon by Max Hastings about the end of the war in Europe. Even though I had read quite a lot about WWII in Europe I was still shocked by the savagery inflicted on the people in the path of the German attack (Barbarossa) and then the return of the Russians as they pushed them back to Germany. The war on the Western front (France and Belgium) was fought almost as a gentleman's war when compared to the fighting on the Eastern front. (A generalization, I know) The siege of Leningrad was typical of the war on the Eastern front. If you want to read about savagery read Chapter 10 on East Prussia in Armageddon - or read Harrison Salisbury's the 900 Days, which deals exclusively with Leningrad.

God help us if any of us ever had to endure what the people in Eastern Europe suffered during WWII. Almost 3 million Russians were directly affected by the siege of Leningrad - by dying or being evacuated from their home. The movie does an excellent job of depicting for us what it must have been like. We observe: the politics and propaganda of war when the Russians first let the journalists into Leningrad - not showing them the bread lines, etc.; a young man's delight (Yura) at receiving a bar of chocolate; the trading of a 8 carat diamond ring for a small tin of black marker meat; a coo - coo clock working in the midst of a devastated city; selling top soil for people to eat because they believed that some sugar had been melted into it; children speaking longingly about leaving the oven door open so they could go to sleep for good; people butchering a horse while still alive for its meat; and human cannibalism.

This film shows how desperate people become when they are starving.

My Mother lived thru the Blitz in Plymouth, England during WWII. She always used to laugh when she heard Americans complain about rationing in the U.S. during the war. Watch Attack on Leningrad and maybe we will realize how fortunate we are to live in a land which has never suffered the privations of total war as Europe did during WWII.

This is a movie which I imagine few people will see - (there were only 20 reviews in IMDb.) But it is one which people need to see - if only so they can appreciate what others went thru and to be thankful for all we have in this country. I hope you watch it, even though it is tough to watch. Best regards DonB

Reviewed by filmnut1 7 / 10

A satisfying Russian thriller made from a Hollywood mould

Russian filmmaker Aleksandr Buravsky seems to have been chasing Hollywood aesthetics his entire career. His 1995 film SACRED CARGO was filled with B-list American stars and seemed to hide its Russian roots, but with LENINGRAD (aka Attack on Leningard) he's finally got the budget and the balance right. Boasting a huge budget, it looks as good as any American World War 2 drama and stars Mira Sorvino, Gabriel Byrne and Armin Mueller-Stahl. But significantly this is not a film designed strictly to appeal to the international market, LENINGRAD is first and foremost a Russian film. Although at first it seems the Hollywood performers are just window dressing, that does seem to be the case with Byrne and Mueller-Stahl, Sorvino actually plays a key role and shares leading lady duties with native actress Olga Sutulova. Sorvino is a bit miscast as an English journalist (bad accent) stranded in the starving city of Leningard, but delivers a good performance and it's possibly the most credible of the myriad Hollywood Effect movies produced in Russia to date. An interesting story, strong production values and engaging performances make this very satisfying viewing. But those seeking typically macho fare should look elsewhere.

Reviewed by dusan-22 7 / 10


After reading the IMDb users comments I was thinking for a long time should I watch this film or not. I started watching as a WWII buff knowing that at least Russian drama school can not be bad and I am pretty much aware of the perfect costumes as bringing to life WWII cities and battles in the Russian movies. I was not wrong. As a matter a fact, there is much more behind this movie than just a common WWII movie. Stunning emotional destiny of few individuals depicts the whole Leningrad WWII passion. I do not like the usual Hollywood softeners used in the film as we are talking about the city whose siege took 1.5 million lives in three years. If you were ever watching the documentaries on the Leningrad Siege you would probably know what I mean. Here, some of the mass scenes look like theater stage. I believe that this should be done more authentic as we are talking about terrible suffering that Russian people lived for the world liberation of Nazis. I know this is not historical movie, but more careful development of the individual suffering and closer approach to survival of main heroes would give better result. Still, dynamic plot is pretty convincing, it involves you on emotional bases not on action base, so I can understand negative reactions of some Hollywood buffs here. All in all, I did like this movie, would recommended it.

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