Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa

2018 [ITALIAN]

Adventure / Animation / Family

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 507

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Oreste Baldini as Storyteller
Bryce Papenbrook as Lorenzo
Johnny Yong Bosch as Leonardo da Vinci
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TCCPhreak 3 / 10

Bad Pacing, pretty dumb - still kinda fun

This movie has a lot of problems. Small kids might still find some fun in it but I'd definitely not recommend watching this.

There is horrible pacing - everything seems rushed to the next action scene; there hardly is time to let previous scenes sink in.

Without spoiling too much: The antagonist's plan is overly and unnecessarily complex - which is a good fit to the protagonists not grasping the situation earlier. They also often act when it is convenient to the plot - instead of the moment it would make sense from their perspective.

There are some moments which would make good "funny background scenes" but instead are pushed to the foreground and just feel lost there.

The movie isn't very nice to the female characters. They have not been given an active role. "Mona Lisa" being listed as "mission" in the title is a good reminder that she simply is a token / MacGuffin / tagalong.

At some point the movie decides that it wants to be partial-musical and throws out-of-nowhere songs at the viewers. Paired with the flashbacks this seems like padding the time - and I don't consider the songs to be very good, either.

Regarding the educational aspect: There is some "da Vinci invented this" and "da Vinci painted that" thrown in - but apart from one invention and the girl being named "Mona Lisa", there was zero need to tie this to the great inventor.

On the positive side: The animation is okay and some jokes are funny (even in their childish way). It's not the worst kids' movie out there - but if you have better ones available, you should prefer those.

Reviewed by roche-94075 10 / 10


Brilliant, funny educational with adventure a top movie for kids and adults alike.

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