Les grands ducs

1996 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mstep-4 8 / 10

Underrated Film!

First: excuse my English!

This is one of my favourite French comedies. At my opinion a real cult film. Apparently the critic already was savaging this film at its release. (But I could not find any historic critics in the web).

This film has all, what makes a French Comedy: Esprit, Tempo, Fantasy! Breathtaking! Brilliant Dialogues, unexpected dramatic turns. The director uses the techniques of exaggeration, "running gags" and scenic densification.

The plot: three old actors try to catch a job in a province tour of a boulevard comedy called "Scoubidou". They are ruined. But luckily they are real professionals of casting. What is more funny, than good actors playing bad actors? With all their ticks, their necessity to appear in the best light. If you know a little bit actors and theatre, you will laugh tears, as I do every time, watching this film.

Every actor has his quirk. Jean-Pierre Marielle (in the role of Georges Cox) is the roaring lion, always ready to leave the production and discuss his fee. Philippe Noiret in the role of Victor Vialat is playing the coward, with plenty of neurotic fears. Jean Rochefort (as Eddie Carpentier) plays the lover and enchanter. Really divine acting of all three. Also to mention the achievement of Catherine Jacob (as Carla Milo and in the theatre play as "Scoubidou"). You will never find such a good Prima Donna Assoluta in history of film! Believe me! And also the husband or lover of Carla is acting unforgettable: Michel Blanc (as tour producer Shapiron). His plan is to sabotage the tour already at the first performance, in causing an accident to Carla on scene, because he is chased by bailiffs and he counts to get the money out of the tour assurance. Even the little role of Juliette (Clotilde Courau) is played with great talent: remember the scene, when she wants to give up her actor's existence. She is crying and smiling same time! Unforgettable! Bravo!

Even the music is well chosen! The Gypsy music is integral part of the humour in this film. Also the music composed from Angélique Nachon et Jean-Claude Nachon is plenty of irony. I remember the scene, when the tour producer is coming out of the gun shop, with a giant, paper wrapped rifle, followed by Philippe Noiret accompanied by a music of a thriller. Ingenious!

Please don't let you fool by the bad reviews of this film! It is a hilarious comedy of a talented screen writer (Serge Frydman) and a highly talented director (Patrice Leconte).

Reviewed by Film_critic_Lalit_Rao 10 / 10

Legendary French director Patrice Leconte directs an outstanding comedy about mad, mad world of theater !!!!

It is a pity that French press has always shown a kind of step brotherly treatment towards Patrice Leconte.There are not many cinema admirers who know that Patrice Leconte directed "Les Bronzés",an important commercial success in the history of French cinema.For French media,Patrice Leconte is a different kind of director as they don't consider him as an auteur in the strict sense of the word neither a popular cinema director.This is one of the reasons why his film "Les Grands Ducs" was not able to garner critical success upon its initial release in 1996.A good news for admirers of comedy films is that DVD release of "Les Grands Ducs" has given a new lease of life to Patrice Leconte and many other directors who have been unjustly poorly judged by press in France."Les Grands Ducs" is one of the best examples of filmed theater.Its director Patrice Leconte defends the cause of those innumerable talented actors who are forced to act in small roles which are badly paid.His film is a proof of the fact that art of theater is very much alive in France despite various economic upheavals which have cast their shadows on French culture.Patrice Leconte is really at ease when he directs his actors with such accurate precision that they make theater watching a pleasant visual experience.He has been able to elicit beautiful performances from experienced French actors Jean Rochefort,Philippe Noiret and Jean Pierre Marielle.These three giant figures of French cinema tell us what it takes to be "a Cachetonneur !".

Reviewed by doctorludovico 6 / 10

Fast and funny

I've seen Les Grands Ducs recently, because some of my friends have recommended it to me as a cult comedy. Well, they were right : it's a fast, funny and sometimes pathetic comedy, even if the cinematography is a little too shaky. The style of the movie is like the meeting of the Marx Brothers films - the director Patrice Leconte is a great fan of their comedies - with another Leconte's movies, like Tandem. I especially enjoyed the character of Michel Blanc, who made me think about Wile Coyote in Warner's Looney Tunes, and the great Jean-Pierre Marielle, who is really fun to watch in drag!

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