Let's Talk About Women

1964 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.7 10 297

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Vittorio Gassman as Stranger / Practical Joker / Client / Lover / Impatient Lover / Waiter / Timid Brother / Ragman / Prisoner
Mario Brega as (uncredited)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wobelix 8 / 10

A genius as debutante

Not yet as powerful as he will be in films like 'Una Giornata Particolare' or 'Les Nuits De Varennes' (the ultimate roadmovie...), but Scola shows already all the promise here in these sketches. Funny, sometimes tragically funny, but every time very telling and atmospheric. And of course, watching a young and chameleon-like Vittorio Gassman in 9 different roles, is pure joy.

Reviewed by williammessing 9 / 10

a delightful comedy

This film, apparently not available in a 35mm print, is extremely good. Gassman in his various roles is very funny and his versatility is displayed quite well. In one role, he strongly resembles the character, Bruno, whom he played in Risi's The Easy Life, even down to having the same type of horn sound, with his sports car. If you get a chance, see this film. I am indeed fortunate to be in Paris at the moment where there is an Italian Comedy festival at the Reflet Medicis cinema. many of the films they are showing are not available on DVD. In fact the film was shown on a DVD, that is, apparently (I asked the manager of the theater about this) only available to movie theaters and not to the public.

Reviewed by gridoon2021 6 / 10

Mildly amusing (at its best) collection of 9 short comic stories

A man appears at the doorstep of a woman's house, rifle in hand, demanding to see her husband. He refuses to tell her what it's all about. She sleeps with him to save her husband's life. Afterwards, the man reveals that he was just returning the rifle to its rightful owner, the husband. If you think this payoff is worth 10 minutes of screen time, you're gonna love "Let's Talk About Women": the rest of its 9 in total sketches are all on about that level. Personally I found the movie easy to take and mildly amusing, but all the punchlines (when there ARE punchlines) elicit a "Meh" / "That's it??" reaction; there is one story, about a timid man forced to restore his sister's "honor", which seems to be building to something more substantial than the others - but then it just ends. Some of the situations would have been considered daring in 1964 - today the film would probably be G-rated. Still, it's a good vehicle for Vittorio Gassman's acting versatility. **1/2 out of 4.

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