Life of Crime 1984-2020


Crime / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 10 / 10

a sarcasm; we're all gonna die somday... but not this way

Jon alpert, you son of a gun, ill kneel in the dust to praise your patience and ability to connect to people in such a way that when the film come close to the end ,i feel like having had a fist drawn back and forth my duodeni at least ten times and i feel sore and worn out everywhere, because you are a godgiven messenger of fun and pain, good and evil, and the best preacher till now about all them lost their lives to the overdose in the american society, and really reflects the very few options as shown here the urban citizen has to resurrect and reconnect after them loosin their innoscence due to a crime or drugs or the like, how the prison in many ways become a rehab factory, and the probation officer system wrecks and shackles down every opportunity the person may have to stay clean , taking away their opportunity to start over again somewhere else far away like say top of a hill montana, because you have a duty to attend every day, three day , every week, and give a pee sample every week, no they are doomed to die because of their dept, ''and it shouldnt have to be like that'' a line taken outta song by ''fra lippo lippi''.

I have a family member that skidded the row at the time as you started filming, same age as rob in the film, he found the lord before he found him, still alive to tell the tale, but the way you have told the tale of the fallen angels of newark, should be curricular knowledge to every american kid and teenagers.

You will forever have a place in my heart jon, and may the three stooges rest in peace, and do give my love to their families if you see them around. Best regards and a film highly recommended by the norwegian grumpy old man.

Reviewed by CriticsVoiceVideo 10 / 10


Very powerful, gritty documentary. God bless all the people involved and their families for allowing their lives to be so graphically captured. This is a human story, a lot more common than we think. Just tragic and incredibly moving. A must see for any empathetic and compassionate human being.

Reviewed by Carson-Oregon-19449 10 / 10

Another HBO masterpiece...

The documentary gives a very dramatic informative insight into the lifestyle of criminals in New Jersey and what they had to do in order to survive. It showed that once you get into a life of crime it is very difficult to get out of it regardless of your once normal life.

For someone who wasn't even born in the 80s or 90s; it's fascinating to see what life was like in New Jersey back then.

I recommend y'all watch this beautiful time capsule of a docu movie.

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