Life to AfterLife: I Died, Now What



IMDb Rating 6.6 10 39

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Reviewed by lorlor-74935 10 / 10

Incredibly Insightful & Inspiring & Informative

I found this film very insightful & inspiring. My favorite quote from this film is, "What can I do to bring more light (love) into this world." I was in awe of the information provided by the mediums & it was so uplifting for me to hear what is waiting for each and every one of us after we leave the earth plane. I am thrilled and delighted to have the information provided in this film and I hope, if you are looking for information about the afterlife, you will watch this film with an open mind and open heart. I was moved beyond words and can only express my gratitude to all of the people who participated and shared their knowledge & insights during this film. I gave this film 10 stars because I truly feel it is very beneficial for all those who are seeking answers to the question of what happens to us after our death. I also feel this film is an incredible gift for those who are struggling and fearful about death and an afterlife. I felt so much peace and gratitude after watching this film. I highly recommend this film

Reviewed by firemanbob 1 / 10

Pure Psycho-Babble

I was hoping for something with a shred of science behind it, instead what I got was bunch of people talking about what they think is in the afterlife. I know what I think the afterlife is, but that doesn't qualify me to be on this anymore than the hood-winkers who appear here.

Reviewed by lwestraad-143-290542 3 / 10

If you like fraud mediums you'll love this

Ugh such insipid idiocy. "Documentary" as a descriptor is purely clickbait. Just a lot of self styled "mediums" talking about "the other side" and comparing suicide with cutting school. Utter nonsense. Don't get me wrong- I believe in an afterlife. I just disagree that these folks know anything about it. And it's boring. I watched it just so I could do this review but fell asleep twice. I'd say give it a miss if you value your brain cells.

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